Traditional treatment of diabetes of second type - recipes, medicine, how to treat, methods and techniques

national treatment of diabetes Diabetes is an endocrine system disease which is accompanied by a failures of insulin creation. Over ninety percent of people that suffer from this disease suffer from diabetes of the 2nd type. This is a hereditary disease that has very unpleasant symptoms - excessive thirst, frequent urination, obesity, general weakness and painful itching. Depending on the severity of the disease there are different treatment methods. Traditional medicine offers many treatments for diabetes type 2.

Traditional treatment of diabetes - propolis and mummy, how to treat?

In combating the effects of the disease to the nature comes to help us. One of the recommended home remedies for diabetes of second type is propolis. It is widely known its property to lower blood sugar level and increase the body's ability to resist infections. Other "bee medication" is bee jelly; it stimulates the immune system. The most popular and very useful product of beekeeping is honey; but it contains a lot of carbohydrates. Therefore it is necessary honey to be consumed carefully depending on the severity of the disease. These traditional treatments help people with diabetes to maintain a good state of health and to control the level of glucose.

Also in traditional medicine as a tonic remedy is applied mummy. Its biologically active compounds can expand blood vessels and it has a beneficial effect on the diseases which are related to deregulations of metabolism. At the use of the solution of this substance thirst and excessive urination decrease, edema appears rarely. Due to the normalization of the water balance the blood pressure level is normalizing and whole physical state of the patient with diabetes is improving.

Diabetes - traditional phytotherapy treatment

Most advices of traditional medicine are based on the use of plants and herbs for treating of diabetes. The goal of treatment is to make such a mix from plants and herbs that will have effective impact on blood sugar level and also will control your metabolism and will improve the work of all internal organs. Found that the greatest benefit in diabetes bring the white mulberry, ash, raspberry, dandelion, oats, alfalfa, beans, blackberries, and celery.

Traditional recipes suggest using of ginger to improve blood circulation and metabolism diabetes of the second type. Essential oils that are contained in it create a positive effect on the body that’s weakened by illness. Like all traditional methods of treatment, the use of ginger is not essential and definitive cure for diabetes of 2nd type so it should be used moderately and with caution. This plant removes toxins and breaks down fats, helping to get rid of excess weight. Because obesity is one of the complications of diabetes, people with this disease need to control their body weight.

Diabetes - treatment by traditional methods and techniques

lechenie diabetes folk sredstvami Benefits of another traditional remedy, exactly, of decoction of rose hips is known to all because it contains big quantity of vitamin C. But not many people know that the hips are able to reduce blood sugar level. The effect occurs with regular use of infusion, made from hips. In addition, it is well quenches thirst and fills the entire body with vitamins.

Many cereals are useful for normalizing of blood sugar level. Such traditional methods as the use of a decoction of the oats, flour milled from wheat or buckwheat can help in diabetes of 2nd type.

And even simple nettle is a good traditional remedy for the treatment of diabetes of 2nd type. As a part of herbal it has a positive effect on the intestinal micro flora and it improves functions of liver and also digestion too. Burdock and dandelion contain substances similar to natural insulin so theit decoction made from the roots is useful when patient has endocrine diseases.

In traditional medicine for diabetes of second type are used therapeutic properties of the plant named “golden mustache “ (kalissia scented). Decoctions of golden mustache have a strong tonic and cleansing effect. Preparations from this herbal are an active biological stimulator; its regular application allows you to feel energized. You should not combine the treatment based on the golden mustache with other traditional methods, or to consume large amount of carbohydrates at this time.

Among some popular and traditional recipes from plants does not stand on the last a hellebore. It is an effective tool for reducing sugar level and it also can normalize blood pressure and purify the body. Hellebore perfectly combines with other herbs.

Useful properties of the seeds of black cumin are known to traditional medicine since ancient times. Modern researches have explained the healing effect of consumption of black cumin oil by increasing of insulin action. This popular method of treatment in the 2nd type of diabetes should be carried out with the control of blood sugar because black cumin can influence it too much and can reduce it too fast.

Herbs collections in traditional medicine for diabetes of 2nd type

Traditional anti-diabetes methods Useful properties of herbs are amplified in composition fees. Components of these fees should be selected so that the healing effect of should increase and plants must complete each other by their properties. There are many recipes for herbal formulations useful in the lack of insulin. Charges can be ready to buy at the drugstore. Knowing the useful properties of various plants, you can make a perfect combination just for you, according to the body reaction on use of decoctions and infusions.

Spices and kitchen herbs used in recipes of traditional medicine

Use of cinnamon is good for diabetics - it can prevent a breach of carbohydrate metabolism. As parts of this herb there are some elements that enhance the action of insulin. According to another popular prescription against the 2nd type of diabetes with this disease successfully fights the Turmeric. This spice reduces cholesterol and lowers sugar level.

Among the benefits of traditional treatments of diabetes of the second type is financial availability. The plants do not contain artificial chemicals, and if herbs are used correctly, they cannot harm. Depending on the severity of the disease, patients can choose traditional remedies and cures individually and combine them with conventional treatment of diabetes of the second type. Many herbs can enhance the prescribed treatment; wild and garden plants contain vitamins and improve health, increase vitality and raise immunity too. However you should know the measure of using of the traditional methods. You should consult your doctor before using the popular recipes from diabetes.