Fruit pomelo (Pamela) and diabetes mellitus



diabetes completely makes completely abandon food fruit, which still are the main source of useful vitamins and fiber. One only has to more carefully treat their choice, taking into account the glycemic index of the product and the serving size. The glycemic index is a special index showing the rate of conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Thus, people suffering from diabetes, you can eat only fruit, index not exceed a value of 60.


Warnings for use

turn the fruit pomelo (Pamela) belongs to the citrus, which means that it is completely safe for diabetics with its low glycemic index. Additionally, this exotic fruit is recommended to include in the diet of people with high content of sugar in the blood many doctors and specialists. The fact that the juice of pomelo (Pamela) miraculously reduces the content of sugar in the blood, which is very useful for those suffering from a similar ailment people.


Pomelo treeHow to use?

it is Recommended to eat exclusively freshly squeezed pomelo juice, and it is better to squeeze it yourself without using the juicer. Because this is where all the nutrients are fully preserved. For best effect should drink the juice of pomelo (Pamela) directly after eating.

it is also Worth noting that the pulp of the fruit is also will not harm diabetics, so we can safely treat ourselves, it is so interesting to taste the fruit. In addition, unlike allowed diabetics grapefruit pomelo is different sweet flesh. This means that You can eat this delicious sweet fruit, quite worrying, as it will not cause harm to the body. You can combine pomelo with most diabetic products, giving the dishes an exotic touch. Note, however, that the harmlessness of pomelo is absolutely not shows that diabetes this fruit can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Everything has a measure. Generally limit the use of pomelo per day is 100, So do not overdo, and it is better to divide a large portion of fruit for a few days. And the most important thing before mass consumption of pomelo should consult with your doctor because every patient has his own individual peculiarities of the organism and disease development.