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dots for diabetes, acupressureDiabetes modern medicine treats not only the disease, but also the peculiarity of metabolism, which dictates a certain way of life. And in the treatment of diabetes, much attention is paid to the methods of Eastern alternative medicine - point massage in particular.

massage is a terminal phalanges of both hands - a circular rotational movement is carried out at the initial stage slowly with a slight pressure, in the future, gradually increase the exposure until you feel an ache or tingling (akin to electric current). In the final stage again transferred to a minor (easy) surface movements.

the Duration of the procedure of massaging each point lasts 3 to 5 minutes. Recommended symmetrical point massage at the same time - on the back, legs, arms. The procedure itself can take place with the patient sitting or lying on your stomach depending on the area of the body that is being massaged. This massage technique is practically identical to the sedation method.

Acupressure for diabetes should be performed daily, alternating with receptors. As a rule, the course consists of 12 (max 15) sessions a day, and repeat the course massage is recommended by doctors and specialists two weeks (if there are positive developments). During the year the number of courses is 5-7 depending on the analyses of sugar content in urine and blood (treatment should be under strict control).

a Course of acupressure is advisable to start in the early stages of the disease, while Eastern medicine considers that the patient take insulin should not. Do not have illusions: a massage not only relaxes the manifestations of the disease, and complete recovery can not be guaranteed.

Massage can be done by the specialist or the patient himself with sufficient skills. There are 23 points on the hands, back and legs. Most convenient for self-massage of shins, knee joints, hips and hands. During the session, is not allowed massaging the axillary and popliteal hollows.

In the treatment of diabetes acupressure gain a more accurate, metered load on the patient and its differentiation at different phases of the disease. This treatment may have a stimulatory or inhibitory effect on the nervous and muscular systems, and the function of internal organs is often enough leads to improved patient test. Massage has a higher selectivity, it has an impact, allowing to relax some muscles, and at the same time to encourage others.

Massage the body points well is actively used in the complex treatment of diabetes, which can significantly reduce the intensity of use of medicinal therapy.