Pineapple in diabetes mellitus - is it allowed?



Pineapple in diabetes mellitusPineapple is known as a dietary and a gourmet kind of tropical fruit for a long time. The inner part of it contains about 12% carbohydrates. However, diabetics should take into account that some of them in the ratio of sucrose prevail. The pulp contains about 1% of organic acids including citric acid, and a large amount of vitamin C.

High value of the fruit can be explained by presence of such substances as bromelain in them, which consists of a unique complex of plant enzymes. Rich in trace elements and minerals fruit has no definitive contraindications in the use of diabetics.

Pineapple fruits are best to be eaten fresh in case of presence of diabetes mellitus, but from the canned pineapple and juice should be avoided by patients with diabetes. Given the dependence of the level of sugar in the blood of the selected diet for people who have this disease should follow a special diet, appointed by a dietician.

Food choices should be based on the values of the glycemic index that is assigned to each product and to determine the optimum size of the portions. To facilitate the calculation of consumed substances it is designed a table showing the dependence of insulin intake of bread units.

Pineapple is in a group of products with medium value of bread units. For example: a low index of about - 55 grain units, average - 70 products of the same value in excess of 70 units are not allowed for use in case of diabetes mellitus, but glycemic index of pineapple is 66.

Despite the fact that the ability to use the fruits of diabetes is purely notional, a small amount is able to provide significant support to the body weakened by illness. Usually, diabetes is a major disease, against which there are concomitant kidney disease, digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

If you have problems in the digestive system and smoldering inflammatory drug pineapple, due to the content of bromelain in it, will have on the body resistant anti-inflammatory effect. As the enzyme of plant origin, bromelain will enhance and enzymatic activity of human organism. However, duodenal ulcer or stomach from eating the fruit of pineapple should be abandoned.

If you have problems with the kidneys in patients with diabetes bromelain has diuretic effect and it will reduce the swelling. As the source of a large amount of vitamin C and manganese, this fruit is recognized as a good stimulant of the immune system, having also and excellent antioxidant properties.