Pine nuts in diabetes



Man enough long been used for medicinal purposes pine needles, nuts, and resin of the cedar. From them he learned to cook a lot of miracle cures. A small content in the pine nuts carbohydrates allows their use in the diet of patients suffering from diabetes.

the presence of useful substances to humans pine nuts ahead of all the others nuts. It includes vitamins A, B, E, D, and F, many fatty acids and trace elements. Contained in pine nuts are vitamin B1 (thiamine) promotes optimal utilization of carbohydrates by the body. For a healthy person it is required in the amount of about 2 mg per day, diabetes the need for it is greatly increased.

Protein of the cedar nut contains much more amino acids than the proteins included in the composition of other nuts. This makes it a product with high biological value. More than half of the amino acids are indispensable for human body, most of them is arginine. This substance helps to regulate blood pressure, provides the required level of cholesterol in blood, strengthens immunity, prevents blood clots, leads to normal connective tissue. This is very important for people with diabetes.

Vitamin B6 contributes to metabolism improvement, formation of blood cells, which is important since comorbidity diabetes mellitus is a frequent speaker arteriosclerosis. Chromium, zinc and polyunsaturated acid pine nuts make an excellent tool for the prevention of diabetes. Linoleic acid, which are very much helps the patient maintain normal blood pressure, improves circulation and stimulates regeneration processes. In pine nuts contains a small amount of fiber. This property allows them not to irritate the stomach.

today, diabetes is not an obstacle to a full life. But to his diet patients need to be treated much more carefully than other people. Pine nuts at all times, helped to restore people's health. They alleviate the disease, provide protection against comorbidities contribute to the creation of a balanced and healthy diet. However, like any other product, pine nuts are not a panacea for disease, but only support the body, not allowing it to progress.