Physiotherapy in diabetes mellitus

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physical Therapy in the complex treatment of diabetes is one of auxiliary methods to improve the General condition of the patient, and the individual organs. It is recommended to restore different types of metabolism: mineral, protein, hormonal, lipid and carbohydrate. In addition, the expertly-chosen method of physical therapy, promotes blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes and even is able to exert analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Methods of treatment physical therapy

physical Therapy in diabetes mellitusThere are a number of standard methods used to treatment diabetes with the help of physiotherapy, depending on the species related disease and degree of lesion bodies. Most often, in medical practice, physiotherapy uses - ultra high frequency, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, micropolarizers currents and many others.

of Course, there are other interesting methods - lamp Solux, paraffin wax, infrared and ultraviolet radiation, hyperbaric therapy, etc.

However, the most common and popular methods are electrophoresis with different drug drugs, as well as ultrasound, which is able to reduce the rates of sugar. The universal principle of their fruitfulness lies in the fact that the body is the immediate impact of medications through skin, and mucous, with the help of ultrasound and electrical pulses, which in turn gives a positive result in the treatment.

physical Therapy for diabetesParticularly a popular procedure in recent times that gives effective results was the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is the improvement of blood gas composition and increased sensitivity of insulin usage.


General information on the treatment of fizioterapii

All of these methods are unique individually and in combination, but the purpose of each of them should choose a doctor. After all, one of the characteristics of physical therapy is its ability to influence all levels in the organism, including molecular and cellular, which in itself is not secure.

physical therapy treatment is perfect for diabetes because that has no toxic effects on tissues and organs of the patient. In addition, to minimize any adverse reactions, in contrast to direct medical treatment. Of course, it is an excellent prevention of relapses and complications of diabetes, and also reduces the time of treatment.

In determining the range therapeutic procedures should be guided by individual approach, for safety, efficiency and comfort a sick person.