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One of the hard diagnosed types of childhood diseases is phosphate diabetes. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is very often confused with normal rickets or diabetes mellitus, because of its name.

the Identification of this disease is hampered by the development of the child riskets-like changes, which are resistant to vitamin D taken in normal dosage.


Clinical picture

the First signs of phosphate diabetes in children, which, unfortunately, only become clearly visible by the second year of the child, become:


the Child may stop going due to the fact that it feels the pain in the bones. It can also get spontaneous fractures, virtually no due. His mental development corresponds to norm. But he may withdraw into themselves and refuse of society Advogados, as very acutely perceives the defect.


Laboratory studies

In the analysis of urine, we observed inorganic phosphorus, increased its excretion. While in the blood its concentration is reduced, hypocalcemia is absent or negligible, alkaline phosphatase exceed the norm in 2 - 3 times. The definitive diagnosis is often hindered by the presence of radiographic progression, the same as at D-deficiency rickets (the classic). There are also differences phosphate diabetes:

the the

Treatment of phosphate diabetes in children

phosphate diabetes in childrenit Should be noted that this type of disease by taking vitamin D won't cure. But this assertion loses his loyalty when prescribing increased doses. They may eventually reach 50 thousand IU per day. The main thing that was control breakdown Sulkovicha a little patient.

Now in the medical complex included, as a rule, preparations of phosphorus, calcium. But in some cases only medical treatment phosphate-diabetes will not do. Then you need to consult a podiatrist.

due to the complexity of installation of the primary diagnosis in Pediatrics a comprehensive approach to the identification of this disease. Many young moms wonder why they need to regularly survey their crumbs from such a large number of professionals simultaneously. But this approach gives really high quality results. You will be able to get a really good medical report about the health of their baby.