Pharmacotherapy of diabetes mellitus

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pharmacotherapy of diabetes mellitusHigh blood sugar levels, over time, can lead to more serious consequences that include heart disease, kidney disease, you may experience digestive problems, nerve damage, various diseases of the gums, teeth, eyes, and can lead to stroke or heart attack. It is possible to avoid these problems by storing and maintaining target glucose levels, including with the help of pharmacotherapy.

People suffering from diabetes should consciously and carefully choose your food, and try to lead an active way of life. If you are using the correct nutrition and sufficient active lifestyle unable to store sugar target, you may need treatment with medicines. Their appearance will depend on the type of disease, other diseases and lifestyle.

the First main type is type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune disease characterized by too small amount of insulin production. Some scholars are of the opinion that the type is a genetic disorder. Others believe that this disease is caused by a virus that makes the immune system attack cells in the pancreas.

Pharmacotherapy of diabetes mellitus the first type is the use of injections insulin pump or insulin. It should be noted that in addition to insulin therapy need to follow the diet and exercise to prevent significant fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

with regard to, diabetes type 2, it is the most common type. The development of this type of disease begins in those conditions, when therapy hold the insulin in insufficient quantities. This condition is called insulin resistance. If the body to cope with the need for insulin can not, then it is necessary to use antidiabetic drugs. As a rule, doctors in such cases, appoint 2 or more anti-diabetic drug.

There is a kind of sugar as gestational diabetes that appears during pregnancy. Pharmacotherapy of this type of diabetes may not be necessary, because the sugar level can be controlled by diet and exercise. However, there are cases where you might need to resort to insulin injections in order to achieve the target level of sugar.