Persimmon in diabetes mellitus: benefits and harm



Persimmon in diabetes mellitusFruits of persimmon have a high dietary value due to their content of sucrose and glucose. However, due to these qualities there is a need to limit its consumption in case of people with diagnosed diabetes mellitus.

This terrible disease to date are subject to not only the elderly, but of youth too. Diabetes requires a special approach in the treatment with strict observance appropriate diet.

Careful selection of used products should primarily be based on the choice of diet and wholesome food.

Even in case of healthy people during the day in the blood may be presented some deviations from normal glucose values (especially after meals), but in case of presence of diabetes patients should be especially careful to enter in your diet almost all kinds of fruits containing glucose.

When patient consumes persimmon he must understand that the number of vitally important for diabetics insulin is calculated from the number of applications of carbohydrates and glucose. Used in the preparation of special diets table bread units is the basis for the most accurate calculation of insulin doses. For one bread unit 10 grams of carbohydrates usually are taken. It has a medium glycemic index (70) so consumption of these fruits should be treated with caution.

Despite the need to limit the use of persimmon in the presence of diabetes mellitus its small quantity is able to bring great benefit to the body. It has big range of useful substances and fiber and contains a large number of necessary trace elements for human body like for example magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and B vitamins PP, A and C that are able to give strength weakened body.

Almost in all cases besides the main disease appear some related to it diseases in form of several complications. Receiving some persimmon allow the patient to do without the excessive use of chemicals of drugs. High content of pectin in the fruit, it will be very useful in case of problems arising in the process of digestion.

The majority of patients with diabetes there is a disease of the cardiovascular system as angiopathy. Persimmon that is rich in vitamins E and S will help strengthen the blood vessels, and potassium contained in this fruit will have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.

Very often (almost every second case) in patients suffering from diabetes is diagnosed certain kind of kidney disease.

Persimmon that contains large amount of magnesium can help to stop the progression of the disease. It is extremely useful in case of presence of anemia due to content of iron in this fruit.