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bee bread in diabetes mellitusToday, it is difficult to imagine a person contesting the healing properties of bee products and their effect on the body. Biologically active components of these products have a beneficial impact, promote health, rejuvenation and treatment of many diseases that are difficult to enumerate.

In folk medicine one of the most valuable bee products is ambrosia or bee bread. According to experts, using this product can fully normalize the functioning of the organism, increase resistance to disease.

the Ongoing study, showed that the pollen really helps the body cope with many problems of the activity of the pancreas, in particular with such a formidable disease, as diabetes. Today we can confidently talk about the amazing power of this product in the treatment of diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 types.

bee bread for diabetes


nutrients in Perga

the Pollen composition is truly a unique product, it contains great amount of enzymes, amino acids, trace elements, lipids and vitamins of high value for the organism. The use of pollen increases in the body protein synthesis and metabolic processes that help to produce the pancreas so the body needs insulin.

Polyflora bee bread, or collected from flowers of different plants more useful for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Undoubtedly, before you start treatment, you should consult with your doctor.



the Course of treatment is 6 months, although a positive impact on the course of the disease is noted after the first week of taking the drug. This is a significant reduction in blood sugar levels that are observed by laboratory tests. During this period, reduce the daily dose of insulin, and over time can completely abandon insulin-containing drugs.

Take the bee-bread is best after meals. The most effectively and quickly Perga acts, with resorption, as well interacts with the saliva, and directly in the mouth begin the process of assimilation of the elements which enter into its composition.

Single dose for adults is 2 teaspoons, for children - 0,5 teaspoon. You should not increase the dose of the drug, as it gives a better effect. For treatment of the disease is spent only that amount, and the rest absorbed by the body like proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the treatment should apply the product 3 times a day, refrain from taking water about 30-40 minutes for better absorption. You can also take the pollen with honey, especially recommended for children, because ambrosia has a bitter taste.

the results showed Good treatment by the ambrosia together with herbal teas, is the collection of herbs such as milk vetch, comfrey, knotweed, burdock root.

Pollen is a precious medicine bestowed on us by nature! We wish you a speedy recovery!