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retiring in diabetes mellitusa Large number of people are interested in, based on whether they are early retirement, due to the fact that they are sick with diabetes. The answer is clearly Yes. But, as always, when making any benefits and required documents.

the Most important condition for early retirement on disability with diabetes, it the relevant documents. You need to go to the doctors. They will tell you to go through the whole course of the survey. Will give different directions to different doctors. You will need all through. Each of them put their diagnosis.

Then, you will write a General conclusion on the basis of your results. If the medico-rehabilitation expert Commission (MREC) will give you an opinion, in which it is determined that you are disabled because of diabetes, then you have a right to early retirement.

After the conclusion will have you on your hands, you need to take him to work, and can safely retire.

If the management will do something to prevent this, you have the right to go to court. Be sure and do not be afraid. The law is on your side. Disability can retire in the presence of diabetes without regard to your age.

But it also happens that you are disabled because of diabetes, but you do not give an opinion on this. And give a conclusion, stating that you are healthy or something, but not disability because of diabetes. And you don't know how to be in this situation.

retiring in diabetes mellitusUnder the law, if you refused, MRA the Commission is obliged to issue you a medical certificate, and must, explain the reasons why you refused to confirm your disability. If you do not wish to explain why you were rejected, you also have the right to sue in court for medical institution, which was examined and given a conclusion.

If you issued, but you do not agree, you can appeal the conclusion of the MEDC. To apply, you will need to contact the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. It is also desirable, when filing documents, write there that you are a legitimate citizen of the Russian Federation.

the Ministry will be obliged to consider your application. As a result, you will be assigned a new examination or to confirm an opinion or to refute. If the survey confirmed your trouble, then you certainly will draw a disability pension as a patient with diabetes mellitus.