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Peas in diabetes mellitusDoctor and assistant in diabetes - peas

In ancient times, when primitive man learned about the nutritional value of peas, this culture was grown for human consumption. However, the dishes he won the love of the table, not only because it is very tasty. Many nutrients gathered in this little pod itself. It has a very wide range of vitamin. Almost all the minerals have a pea. So call it an ordinary plant is very difficult. It's a real doctor. It contains substances that allow you to enter it into diet in diabetes mellitus. Arginine is similar in its action to the insulin.

Power of peas in diabetes

The main goal, which put in preparing menus for diabetics is to find products that will help reduce high blood sugar. Here comes to help peas. He did not in any way replace the action of drugs. But this is a wonderful plant contributes to a better absorption of drugs and increase its validity.

Peas have low enough glycemic index. He was 35. It's his property causes delayed absorption of intestinal sugar. Thus, it protects the patient from appearance of glycemia.

Young green pods are especially good in this regard. 25g of wings, chopped with a knife, and 1 liter of water for 3 hours preparing a decoction which is drunk throughout the day in equal installments over several times. The duration of treatment in a similar broth appointed doctor and it should last at least a month.

Ripe peas can be eaten raw. Use of diabetes due to the fact that these small circular beads contained a lot of vegetable protein, which allows to replace temporarily animal proteins.

Chickpea flour contains valuable properties. It has to be taken before meals for half a teaspoon.

Frozen green peas are the basis of a healthy breakfast in the winter for diabetics.

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In diabetes it is important to adhere to proper nutrition. If some of the products are absolutely excluded, the pea soup boldly enter into your menu. However, it must be properly prepared. It is better to take the soup fresh green peas. In the winter it can freeze. It is allowed the use of the dry product.

To patients with diabetes is recommended to cook this soup beef broth. And the water must be drained first, then re-fill in the meat. Only in this secondary way it is good to cook this dish. In addition to beef and pea soup add the potatoes, carrots, onions. Vegetables can fry in butter. The soup turns out tasty, nourishing and useful.

Vegetarians can cook pea soup lean. It is added at the request of the leeks and broccoli.