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pasta with diabetespoor diet and the abuse of certain foods can be harmful for the organism of a person suffering from diabetes. But human nature is very difficult to win in the sense that, sometimes, we just can't give up your favorite foods, even under threat of death.

Every diabetic knows his own limitations, but not everyone is ready at these limits and add the pasta. What to do if there are no forces to cope with the requirement of the body?

there are some nuances. On the one hand there are some reservations for each of the diet types of diabetes (remember, there are 2 main types of diabetes). Diabetics of both types are useful and even recommended to use different pasta, but with a high content of fiber, unlike regular pasta.

diabetes 1-go type it is possible without special restrictions to use such pasta, but provided that the body will be supplied and the corresponding amount of insulin. But diabetes of the second type are less fortunate - even a special pasta they should not be used. The reason is the fact that the usefulness of larger doses of fiber for the body of diabetics this type was not installed. Therefore, we cannot say that the body such pasta will have a positive or negative effect.

it is Worth to focus on that in this issue there are a number of caveats and contradictions. Pasta with diabetes, like other products containing starch should not be excluded from the diet. Their use should be regulated for diabetics, and the diabetics of the 2nd type reduce the consumption of such products doubled and added to the diet of vegetables.

the same situation is with pasta containing bran. These macaroons not as much, but raise blood sugar, so call them product for diabetics not. To use such products as it is possible, but under control.

If you consider pasta as a product with a high content of carbohydrates, you should remember the following. Need to know exactly how fast Your body metabolizes the pasta of a specific type and how they affect the glucose levels in the blood. Now, based on the research on this topic, scientists have come to the conclusion that it would be much healthier for diabetics to eat pasta of durum wheat.

Regardless of how Your body copes with the test food, don't risk it! Life is more expensive!