Pancreatitis and pancreatic diabetes, pancreatogenic, diet



pancreatitis and diabetes mellitusthe Basis pancreatic cancer are exocrine cells, which produce components of the pancreas - the digestive juice. Between these cells are the islets of Langerhans, consists of endocrine cells that synthesize the hormones insulin and glucagon. Violation of formation of these substances leads to diabetes. Such a close neighborhood of the endocrine and exocrine components leads to the fact that when you defeat one, the process involved and others. Therefore, pancreatitis and diabetes very often occur in parallel.


Pancreatitis and diabetes

diabetes is the destruction of cells of islets of Langerhans, replacement by fat and connective tissue. Often local inflammatory response, which captures and cells, secreting a digestive juice. So to diabetes mellitus pancreatitis is attached, and to the clinical picture of excess sugar in the blood, are added and the signs of digestive disorders - abdominal pain, diarrhea.

As a rule, inflammation of the pancreas in diabetes is chronic in nature, as all the changes are sluggish and slow.


Pancreatogenic diabetes mellitus

pancreatogenic diabetesChronic pancreatitis, in turn, can lead to the development of diabetes. This is due to gradual destruction of pancreatic cells and their replacement by fat and connective tissue.

Pancreatogenic diabetes has characteristics:


In a joint course of chronic pancreatitis and diabetes treatment is complicated, since it requires substitution therapy is not only to introduce carbohydrate metabolism, but also to eliminate fermentive failure. In this case, applying enzymatic drugs along with hormonal. A major role in the patient's condition is diet.


Diet for pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus

As with diabetes, diet controlled carbohydrates intake legkorastvorimah, recommended refusal of bakery products and sweets. However, enzymatic damage to the cells of the pancreas leads to impaired digestion. Disrupts the breakdown of fats, eating to the content of essential oils and mustard leads to acute stomach pain. Also not absorbed and rude foods with high fiber content.

So in a joint course of diabetes and pancreatitis diet amount according to the following proportions:


it is also Recommended to exclude meat broths food, cabbage, apples, raw, sauces and mayonnaise, as these foods irritate the bowel epithelium and exacerbates the patient's condition.