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pain in the heart in diabetes mellitusthe Main types of pain and complications in diabetes mellitus develop as a result of chronically elevated blood sugar levels for several years. Primarily in patients with diabetes affects the small vessels, capillaries and nerves. The lesion begins with the most sensitive body - eye. Small capillaries that are adjacent to the choroid of the eye, every time, are directly influenced by the lack of insulin in the blood. And retina of the eyeball pulls away from the back wall, which can lead to complete or partial loss of vision. This disease is caused by cataracts, or, simply, diabetic retinopathy the structural changes of the crystalline lens and the fundus only. Vessels not having the proper permeability by them of nutrients, clogged with unnecessary sugar, which leads to hemorrhage and complication on the retina.


That is sick with diabetes?

Complications and pain also develop from the lower limbs with diabetes. Namely stop, in which a large number of nerves and blood vessels. There are three types of lesions of the foot. Angiospasticescoy - lesions of the blood vessels. Netoptions - damage to small nerves. And mixed - nerves and vessels are affected equally. You should not wear shoes with big heels. Watch out for small cuts on the soles of the feet, and most importantly daily hygiene of the feet.

the Pain of the heart diabetes mellitus is cardiovascular insufficiency. Develops in patients who do not monitor their blood sugar and follow a diet. This complication can lead to damage of the heart muscles and heart valve. That gives a higher percentage of patients stroke and heart attacks. As well as frequent complaints of heart failure.

pain in the kidneys in diabetes mellitusdiabetes can also occur kidney pain. They also affects the small vessels, which leads to functional disorders of the kidneys. Diabetic nephropathy go out of body albumin, useful human proteins. The defeat of the larger vessels leads to infectious diseases in the kidney - pielonefrita. Necessary in any way to reduce the blood sugar levels and start treatment with antibiotics. If the patient suffering from diabetes mellitus is observed albuminuria, an urgent need to reduce consumption of animal protein and salt. Adult patients older than 50 years should carefully monitor blood pressure to avoid further into chronic renal failure.

In patients with constant elevated levels in the blood, arise headaches. This is due to the fact that when you load additional artificial sugars in the capillaries and blood vessels, blood flow slows down, becoming very viscous. This leads to constant discomfort, migraines and headaches.

To further the patient to avoid such complications and pain associated with diabetes mellitus need to constantly monitor the blood sugar levels and monitor their health. Regularly visit specialists. And, whenever possible, be held each year, planned hospitalization in endocrinology Department.