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ozone therapy in diabetes mellitusOzone is used for the treatment of diseases of various organs and systems. It is proved that using this method improves microcirculation and blood rheology, hormonal abnormalities return to normal, creates unfavorable conditions for vital activity of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, in diabetes mellitus ozone therapy is widely used.

What are the main effects that can be expected from the use of ozone therapy in diabetes mellitus?


For comprehensive treatment of diabetes mellitus and use of local and systemic methods of ozone treatment. During the year, shows the repeat courses of ozone therapy is from 2 to 4. Method of treatment and its duration is determined by the doctor and depends on severity of underlying disease, presence of complications and accompanying diseases.

the Decrease in blood glucose after a course of ozone therapy to reduce the dose glucose-lowering drugs, and this, in turn, reduces the severity of side effects from the medication.

the Indication for use of ozone therapy is diabetes under subcompensation and compensation. The beneficial effects of such treatment and expressed for the first and the second type of diabetes.


Effects of ozone in various complications of diabetes

the Use of different methods of ozone therapy allows to slow down the further development of complications and to prevent catastrophic cardiovascular conditions: myocardial infarction and stroke.

the Reduction in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which is the effect of ozone therapy improves for virtually any diabetic vascular complications. Patients report reduction of symptoms such as reduced visual acuity, numbness in the legs, pain and discomfort during exercise, headaches. Objectively revealed the normalization of blood pressure, reduction of excess weight, improvement of eye fundus and angiography of the vessels.

In patients with diabetes mellitus complications caused by malnutrition tissues of the lower extremities, just possess a softer within. Specialists report patients receiving ozone therapy, purulent-necrotic processes much less frequently carried out the mutilation.