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normal sugar blood cholesterolDoctors have long noticed a correlation between the volume of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Though sugar does not contain cholesterol, but on the basis of research conducted among diabetics, it was found that many suffering from the 2nd type of diabetes, reveals elevated levels of cholesterol - related disease. In addition, the reasons for the increase may include: Smoking, alcoholism, poor diet, obesity, lack of exercise. Two of these reasons, namely razblokirovanie nutrition and obesity, are prerequisites to the development of diabetes.

based On research it was found that the type II diabetes, usually found in people with high, relative to normal pressure, excess amount of cholesterol, excess weight. The relationship between these diseases has not been studied. Usually to identify exactly which disease was the cause of another, in a particular case, is difficult. Therefore, having at least one of these diseases, it is important to monitor blood counts and to aspire, to most closely match the norm. The rate of sugar and cholesterol are very similar, is 3.3 to 5.5 for the first and 3,0-6,0 mmol/l for the second. Even the smallest increase which, instantly have a negative impact on human health.

based On the research of scientists of obnaruzhili that if the patient has seen a constant increased content of cholesterol in the blood is 0.1, this would lead to an annual loss of memory, concentration, learning ability and loss of logical thinking.blood sugar and cholesterol In patients with a glucose level exceeding the normal, reduction of intellectual activity occurs at a slower pace, but their combination leads to a serious danger to the health of the brain. It is therefore very important to achieve the optimal content of these elements in the blood. If excessive norms of sugar in blood can be compensated with the help of insulin and a special diet, the cholesterol is 4/5 on the body itself, and on food accounts for only 1/5. But 1/5 is too much, and often, they alienate the indicator from normal.

Diet food to reduce in the composition of the blood in many ways very similar, and requires urgent refusing to eat pastries that can be successfully and more usefully for the body to replace the fresh fruit.