Onions in diabetes - onion peel treatment, baked

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On the medicinal properties of onion has long been known, but modern drugs drove him to wayside. And at its core, onions - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, which promotes rapid recovery from a variety of ailments. For example, a sore throat, hemorrhoids, viral infections, and, of course, diabetes, as insulin-dependent type and non-insulin-dependent.

In diabetes bow not only can be eaten, but necessary, without any limitation in quantity. It is the most effective means to reduce blood glucose. Glucose lowering occurs due to the content of allicin in onions which have hypoglycemic properties. But it is important to remember that a particular substance is not drastically reduce sugar, as insulin, but acts allicin much longer. Onions can be simply added to a variety of dishes or used as a supplement to the diet, but it is better to prepare special medicinal infusions and tinctures.

Treatment of onion

For example, peeled and finely chopped onions folded into a jar (2 lira) and pour boiling water, only cold, stir and put in the fridge for a day. Take this medication should be 20 minutes before a meal at least three times a day for a third cup, after adding one teaspoon of vinegar (table). Used volume infusion in the bank should be daily fill of cold boiled water. The course of treatment for patients with diabetes takes 17 days.

It is equally effective in reducing sugar and next tincture, but it can be treated only by adults. Finely chop one hundred grams of leek (white part) and pour 2 liters of dry red wine. This mixture should insist 10 days in a cool place. Taken tincture to 15 grams after every meal. The duration of treatment for patients with diabetes 17 days once a year. During the year, your blood sugar will remain normal.

Baked Onion

Onion useful in any form: raw, roasted, boiled or baked. Especially effective, and most importantly, without compromising health, lowers blood sugar is baked onions. Sulfur, which is contained in this vegetable, stimulates the synthesis of insulin in the pancreas and increases the efficiency of dietary iron. Treatment of diabetes baked bows has two options.

The first way: the whole medium onion peel in a pan to bake. It is important to remember that it is necessary to bake instead of fry. Eat baked onions should be in the morning on an empty stomach in one month. During this period, the sugar will drop to an optimum level and stabilized.

The second way: in the oven to bake six untreated bulbs (in the husk) of medium size. He should eat three times a day, just before eating. The course of treatment for patients with diabetes - one month, sugar remains normal in six months.

onion peel

It is useful not only the bow, but its husk. It contains plenty of vitamins and sulfur, which lowers the level of glucose in the blood. As a rule, the most common and harmless remedy for the treatment of diabetes - a decoction of onion peel. Method of preparation: a handful of husks thoroughly washed and then boiled in a pot. Broth can be used as a standalone drink tea or added to.

Before the treatment of diabetes onions (in any way), you should consult your doctor in order to avoid undesirable consequences and complications.