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Turpentine in treatment of diabetes mellitusTurpentine is a kind of gum, released with various trees in case of their bark injuries. It works like human blood leukocytes, it is created to disinfect and heal various wounds of trees, that is why the resin has numerous healing and antibacterial components.

The ointment made of turpentine is used to treat wounds, burns and ulcers due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic and healing qualities. Everybody knows about danger of foot wounds in case of presence of diabetes mellitus. Such wounds may be insensible and painless, but their healing lasts too long time. Turpentine, if used as an ointment, in treatment of diabetes mellitus is effective for wound healing. Such ointment is effective for treatment of ulcers and it helps to prevent their appearance.

Different kinds of trees produce different amount of gum. The biggest amount of turpentine is produced by coniferous trees, Crimean and common pine-trees. Turpentine is obtained from silver-fir, cedar and larch.

Also it is recommended to intake turpentine as well as various oils nad balms, which contain turpentine, especially it is good for people that live in environmentally unfriendly areas with high level of contamination having a high density of industry. It may help not only against toxins appearance, but also in case of psychoemotional pressure due to professional activity or for some other reasons.

Turpentine in treatment of diabetes mellitusTurpentine consumption in process of treatment of diabetes mellitus is helpful to prevent problems and as a part of the complex treatment of eye diseases.

At this point healing features of turpentine for treatment of diabetes mellitus are not ended. Turpentine is good in complex treatment in case of excessive weight, because regular consumption of turpentine leads to normalization of lipid metabolism.

It is also effective for recovery of physical strength and immunity after operations and hard diseases, including chemotherapy and X-ray therapy situations.

Counter-indications for consumption of turpentine and preparations containing it is personal intolerance. It is also not recommended during pregnancy and for kids under 12. In case of hyperoxemia and kidneys disorders, doctor should control any turpentine consumption. In any case patient should consult with the doctor before using turpentine to avoid any possible allergenic and side-effects.