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For all those who suffer from this disease as diabetes is very important to monitor the condition of the skin on the feet. It is needed because in this type of disease is greatly affected trophic skin. It’s expressed in the appearance of different spots, brown spots on the skin, because the capillaries are destroyed. These spots can have different colors, starting from light brown and ending with a dark brown. Besides foot can become cyanotic, and in this case even minor abrasions can lead to emergence of trophic ulcer.

Trophic ulcer

Foot ointments in diabetes Currently are available many ointments for the feet, which are used in diabetes. For example, if you have the venous ulcers appeared you must first wash your feet well and then apply the cream "Solaris" you can to apply ointment fully to the whole leg if you want. You can now go to sleep and in the morning put a "Dynamic Hydrating Cream" and wait until it is completely absorbed. So you need to do these actions every day.

Body limbs amputation

The worst pathology of diabetes is considered the amputation of body limbs. Imagine that is just enough to get the abrasion and if into it gets an infection, then it will immediately transform into the wound ulcer. And its appearance often leads to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, and this, of course, will prevent complete healing of wounds. The result may be gangrene and amputation is the only way to help the patient. If you use all of the above listed medications, it will protect you from the occurrence of infection and, of course, will keep your feet. Moreover, such a procedure will not take more than 15 minutes a day.

Diabetic foot

Ointments and foot cream in diabetesAnother terrible pathology of diabetes is the appearance of diabetic foot. This is pathological change in the blood vessels, nerves and all musculoskeletal system of feet that leads to the appearance of gangrene on the affected area of the limbs. To care for the feet are used medications in form of cream, but they have to be hypoallergenic and moisturizing. Don’t buy creams, which contains arnica, chamomile, calendula, pepper, cinnamon and camphor.

Varieties of creams and ointments

The best moisturizers for people with diabetes, are those that has their in composition urea. They are considered moisturizing, and it is worth to notice that they are not suitable for massage. These include creams as "Diaultraderm", "Diaultraderm Aqua" and "Diaultraderm Silver". Moreover, for patients with diabetes should not make massage without consulting a doctor, because it would lead to increased blood flow of the body limbs. In addition it is not recommended to use fat and nourishing creams. If you have cracks in the feet, it is best to use low-fat balsam, which is based on propolis.