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The people suffering from diabetes mellitus should follow a special diet to control the level of blood sugar. The blood sugar level raises because of presence of carbohydrates in food and sometimes due to proteins and fats that are contained in food too. The proteins are contained in cheese, fish, meat and curd cheese. The fats are contained in such products as lard, bacon, butter and oil.

Let's take a closer look at role of the oil in diabetic diet.

Some recent studies have showed the disease progress relies on the high level of fats in blood. If you have diabetes you are not allowed to consume more then 40 grams of fats per day (for eating and cooking). However, in some cases, because of medications and low-carbohydrates food, the level of glucose in blood decreases so you'll need to correct the diet. In addition, the diabetics have very sensitive kidneys, that is why it is recommended to decrease the level of proteins contained in food. Maximum quantity of oil daily consumption is about 2 spoons, it helps to improve the fat metabolism and normalize the lever functioning.

The result of 4-year studies of efficacy of Mediterranean diet have shown that patients that were suffering the diabetes of the second type, if they were following the diet, could avoid carbohydrate metabolism disfunction and in some cases they could stop the use of medications. The Mediterranean diet involves the consumption of so-called useful vegetable fats and of the olive oil first of all.

What for and due to what qualities the oil is recommended for diabetics.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil for Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Apart from nutritional substances this oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. By the way, as the studies of University of Melbourne shown, lowering of level of vitamin D in the blood promotes the risk of appearance of diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type.

In some diets, where there is a need to decrease the level of carbohydrates, the fats are replaced with the sunflower oil.

Corn Oil

This oil is valuable for its content of eicosanoic acids and phospholipids. It is recommended for the diabetics as the auxiliary diet and as prophylaxis method in diabetes prevention. It is recommended as a method of replacement of animal fats when patient has diabetes mellitus of second type.

Olive Oil

It has rejuvenizing qualities. It is very positive for health due to content of various acids and micro elements in it. This oil contains unsaturated fats that is why it is recommended for the diabetics and as prophylaxis method too. It decreases the blood sugar level and improves the insulin absorbtion by the organism.

As it was mentioned earlier, the olive oil is placed on the main menu list of the Mediterranean diet.Olive Oil for the diabetes mellitus

The coconut oil consumption helps to control state of diabetes mellitus. It prevents the fat accumulation in body and recovers the cells ability to respond to presence insulin.

Good qualities of flaxseed and apricot vegetable oils are in ability of prevention of the disease appearance. Small and frequent doses of flaxseed oil raise the insulin efficiency.

The olive oil is the protection against the diabetes of the 2nd type. It contains a very powerful antioxidant - vitamin E as well as monounsaturated fats, that have the effect level of polyphenol, which is able to improve the blood sugar control. It is very useful for the diabetics.

Also, it helps to decrease the blood sugar level, improve the insulin sensitivity, when it is included to a diabetic diet. It is also recommended for the people who are in the risk group that have diabetes mellitus of 2nd type.

The olive oil may be replaced with butter because it does not contain trans fats and it is the source of such kind of fats.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil helps to protect the organism from the diabetes.

Flaxseed Oil in diabetes mellitus This kind of oil is much better in comparison to others. If a diabetic uses the flaxseed oil for preparing of salads and some other ways with other meals, it will help to improve the effect of insulin hormone plus it protects the organism from the further progress of the disease and its appearance in the future. It also helps to decrease the level of cholesterol in blood.

The biological value of flaxseed oil is very high. Seeds of this plant contain vitamin F, which is not produced by any internal organ. Besides, the flaxseed oil has a lot of unsaturated acids, vitamins A and E.

The flaxseed oil has a lot of vitamins and minerals that the diabetics need to have in theit healthy diet.

The Harm of consumption of Fat Food

The many year studies have shown that fat consumption helps the to process of development of diabetes mellitus. Harmful fats can be considered animal fats, modified fats and refined oils.

In case of constant consumption of natural oils health of diabetic is getting much more better, pancreatic gland functioning is improved too. These oils are good for preparing of salads, but its daily dose is limited to 50 mg.

The quantity of fats used in cooking should be very limited. The maximal quantity of these fats is 40 gr per day; besides, the other foods containing fats should be limited as well, for example wieners, fat meat, cheese, mayonnaisse sauce, sausages.

Cream ice, gateau, cakes, chocolate should be avoided by the diabetics because those food products are not healthy. If a food contains carbohydrates and fats at the same time, it is recommended to exclude them completely from patient's diet. However, there are some kinds of oils, which have not only nutritional value, but they are also healing products too.

Crude Naphtha – Miraculous Elixir.

There are stories about how crude naphtha or kerosene had helped the diabetics. It must be used in following method. It is needed twoStone oil in diabetes mellitusliters of water (RT) and only three grams of this oil should be dissolved in it. After three months, the health of a diabetic will be better. It may be combined with any type of medications.

It may be placed in category of aluminium mordants. It contains a lot of zinc, selenium, nickel, chromium, titanium, vanadium and manganese. All these elements have a unique quality - to normalize the blood homeostasis. When they are consumed, every body cell takes as much of them as it needs for normal functioning and existence.

About the Harm and Usefulness

The butter has a lot of calories. That is why the doctors advise to limit its consumption.

It is almost useless for the human nutrition because it contains some kind of "empty calories". It has almost no dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals, while its calorific capacity is very high. If someone eats it frequently, man has high probability of appearance of diabetes mellitus.