The occurrence of diabetes, causes, why, what occurs?

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diabetes causesSuch diseases as diabetes mellitus refers to metabolic (metabolic) diseases. It is characterized by elevated blood glucose due to defective insulin secretion. Diabetes occurs when several factors, which are divided into two types:

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the Occurrence of diabetes and causes

Causes of diabetes the first type, are not clear. This type of disease develops when the result of immunological reactions in the pancreas are destroyed cells that produce insulin. What causes these reactions is still unknown to scientists, but there are reasons, which have been studied by specialists in this field. First of all, it viral diseases such as mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, failure of breastfeeding and breast-feeding an infant cow's milk. Also on the onset of diabetes of the first type may be affected by the content in food and water toxins and nitrogenous substances, as well as the weak resilience of the human body to certain types antigens. But final causes which contribute to the emergence of this type of the disease has not yet been found.


Why (what)diabetes occurs?

If there are hereditary factors there is a second type of this disease. People, parents or family members who have diabetes, your risk varies from thirty to eighty percent. If the disease have both parents, the probability that a birth to a sick child, is from sixty to one hundred percent.


what else occurs diabetes?

Another factor influencing the occurrence and development of disease is age. The ability of the disease significantly increases after forty years. Ethnicity may increase or decrease the risk of diabetes, and the most significant cause to get diabetes type II diabetes is increased body weight. For example, in Russia, about sixty percent of women and fifty five percent of men are overweight. Important role in the development of this disease plays poor diet, Smoking, alcohol abuse low physical exercise, insomnia and constant stress.