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Treatment of diabetes mellitus by oatMany people don’t even know that some of the more common foods and cereals can be used in treatment of many diseases, like medicinal preparations. There are known immune protection properties of many vegetables and animal products. Indeed, for example, green onions can significantly reduce probability of cancer appearance in people of different age, and the usual oat helps in case of presence of diabetes mellitus.

In this article we try to figure out how to apply for oats in diabetes mellitus and look at people's advice in this domain. So, for example if patient needs to reduce the level of sugar in blood it can be prepared an infusion of 100 grams of oat grains and 3 cups of water. Patient should consume this extract before meals for its better reabsorption, two or three times a day. It is also possible to use an infusion of oat straw or grass.

Here is the recipe of preparing of traditional remedy, and exactly of infusion of raw oats: take a cup of beans, then it is poured by 1 liter of cold water and this mixture should be left overnight. Thereafter, the mixture should be poured into a tightly sealable bowl and warmed on low heat until the liquid is reduced in volume by about half. After this infusion should be cooled down and drained; this "medicine" should be kept in a cool place or at room temperature. Patient should take it before meals 2-3 times a day in half-of-cup quantity.

Of course you can also prepare an infusion of raw oats in a different way - it needs to take 250 grams of untreated seeds, 2 tablespoons of dried barley straw. All these ingredients should be poured by two liters of water and boiled and then it should be put on a night to brew in a thermos. After cooking, the infusion should be cool down and drained; also little lemon juice can be added and it should be consumed on each patient’s occurrence of feeling of thirst.

Treatment of diabetes mellitus by oats (decoctions)

Oats decoctionDecoction of oats helps to stimulate functioning and work of liver in diabetes mellitus. To prepare a decoction is taken mass that was remained after straining of oats. It is ground in a grinder, and then it is poured by one liter of water and boiled on low heat for 20-30 minutes, then cooled and filtered.

There is another way to prepare decoction from oats: you need to prepare 2 grams (weight of the 1 tea bag) of blueberry leaves, flax seeds, chopped straw green oats and wings of dry beans. All of these components need to be grinded and brewed by a cup of hot water. Then this infusion should be leaved overnight in a thermos and then drained in morning. After intake of decoction patient can check level of sugar contained in blood by glucometer - it should show a steady decline.

Oatmeal and oat porridge in diabetes mellitus

Oat porridge in diabetes mellitusAs it is advised by nutritionists, in case of diabetes mellitus it is better to eat oat porridge. It not only has a positive effect on the liver, but also helps to normalize work of digestive system. In addition to lowering of sugar level, eating oat porridge helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It has a beneficial effect on the performance of the entire cardiovascular system.

What is the cause of beneficial effects of oats on the human body, being undermined by the disease? The fact is that in oats an analogue of human insulin is presented, but it has plant nature. Treatment of oats can be applied only in cases where there is no likelihood of insulin coma and in cases when the disease is stable. Have a nice treat and good health.