Nuts in treatment of diabetes mellitus. Are they allowed? What kinds are allowed?

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Nuts in treatment of diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus is not a death sentence, because many people that have such diagnosis are work and live like others. However, there are some foods that should be limited or excluded completely from diabetic's menu. And this article is all about nuts, their good and bad sides for health of diabetic.

There are foods that should be excluded from patient's diet at all for example, refined sugar, fat or fried dishes and so on. Nevertheless, there are not strict limitations in respect of nuts. At the same time they advice to replace "dangerous" foods with "useful" ones; for example, use small portions of honey instead of sugar, while fat meat should be replaced with diet meat, or just eat nuts as the precious source of vegetable proteins.

Any nuts have components that help to fight with exceeding of blood sugar level, and those components are:

There are options of using of nuts for a snack as well as an addition to various dishes and salads, and these qualities make them indispensable in the diet of diabetics.

Further in this article we will narrate about how certain kinds of nuts influence the organism suffering from diabetes mellitus.

What influence the walnuts have over the disease flow

WalnutsSeven walnuts contain 2 gr of high quality diet fiber and 2.6 gr of alpha-linolic acid. Those components are very important and they help to processes of digestion and organism recovery.

Walnuts may be taken instead of ordinary meals like sandwiches or as additions to various dishes, including salads too. Walnuts are, first of all, the food for our brains; this is why the ancient priests forbade eating of walnuts to ordinary people because they thought the commoners could not use their brains.

Eating of walnuts restores the stomach acid environment; unlike many other acid regulators, walnuts help in restoring of both subacidity and overacidity. In addition, walnuts may prevent and cure atherosclerosis.

The most actual and good news for the patients suffering from diabetes mellitus and their relatives is the fact that walnuts contain manganese and zinc enough to decrease the blood sugar level. Moreover, walnuts don't have many carbohydrates they are rich in substances that prevent and stop obesity of liver.

Eating 7 walnuts every day may cure from asiderotic anemia, because walnuts contain copper, zinc, cobalt and iron in enough quantities. In addition, the components of walnuts are capable of preserving the elasticity of blood vessels, which is highly important for the diabetics. Some extra substances like alpha-linolic aside and antioxidants can eliminate undesirable symptoms of the diabetes mellitus.

The walnut oil is a very diet product rich in various minerals and vitamins. It also contains tanning components, volatile oils and iodine; therefore, for the full recovery of organism of diabetic, most nutritionists advice to consume it constantly. As to the diabetics, they have to eat walnuts in any case.

Peanuts for the diabetics

The peanuts belong to bean family, nonetheless many people think they are nuts. Therefore, we will talk about the possibility to eat peanuts by diabetics, and, if yes, then in what quantities they may be consumed.

The peanuts contain a lot of useful substances, among which there are not only vitamins and minerals, but also other elements helping to recover the organism in many respects.

The best peanuts are from Argentina, the peanuts from there have optimal size. The peanuts are rich in antioxidants and proteins more than any other nuts. The peanuts contain kalium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese, sodium and vitamins A, B and E.

The peanuts are needed by those who suffer from diabetes mellitus because they decrease cholesterol level in the blood and raise potential of recovery of nerve cells.

The required therapeutic dose of peanuts for one day is 30 gr.

The use of almond in diabetes mellitus treatment

almondAlmond may be sweet and bitter. The bitter almond contains hydrocyanic acid, that is why the nuts like that should be consumed after the removal of harmful substances. The almond is the champion in content of calcium , and it also has a lot of useful substances like iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and E.

In case of high blood sugar level and if it exists diabetes mellitus of second type, sweet almond is the "king", which is also good for normalization of acid environment of stomach. 10 almonds a day is the dose one should stick to.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts Pine nuts are very rich in different substances like calcium, kalium, phosphorus, manganese, vitamins B, D and C.

Pine nuts are extremely useful for kids and pregnant women because they have many components that help to build the immunity. This is why during seasonal epidemics it is helpful to eat pine nuts.

Pine nuts do not contain cholesterol, but they have a lot of proteins, that are good for normalization of work of the immune system and liver functioning in course of diabetes mellitus treatment.

The daily dose counts no more than 100 kernels of pine nuts, so average weight will be around 20-25 gr.