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nurses Role in caring for patients with diabetes and although of a somewhat different nature than the role of a qualified doctor, but it is no less important, if not even more important. But it is required not only training, but also how high human qualities.

Nursing process - is a complex of five events:

1. Survey

the Nurse collects information about the patient, his state of health. Is it from their personal perceptions of the patient, and that might tell the nurse based on their observations. In the end of the first phase should be ready with the documents of the received information, i.e. the establishment of the sister's own records.

2. Definition of the problems of the patient with diabetes mellitus and formulation of nursing diagnosis.

the Nurse should identify not only the problems that already exist in the patient at the time of her work with him, but also those that are possible in the future. In this case, all identified problems, the nurse should give priority to allocate and to pay very close attention to the most threatening at the present time.

Nursing diagnosis and the diagnosis of PCP is not the same thing. The doctor determines the problem of a diabetic patient and nurse - complexity, due to which these problems occur (nursing).

3. Setting goals the nursing process, planning the activities of the sisters.

the Plan must include short-and long-term goals, and be sure to include a detailed explanation of: how, by what date and what will be achieved or that the objective.

the Operation, which will require the plan directly from the sisters, are recorded in the medical records (nursing).

4. The implementation of the goals.

nursing process in diabetes mellitusAt this stage, the sister should take measures for the prevention of various diseases, as well as the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diabetes mellitus.

there are three types of the nursing process for each patient are selected individually:


However, no single type of intervention does not diminish the responsibility of the sisters.

5. The effectiveness of nursing care.

Determined based on all received data and dynamics observed in the aggregate: effects of sister - result for a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus.