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annemanie legs, fingers diabetesunfortunately, diabetes not only incurable, but also has a lot of very unpleasant consequences. One of the most visible consequences and symptoms can be called peripheral neuropathy or numbness in the feet and toes.

the Symptoms. The patient notices a strange sensation in the extremities, tingling, "creepy", pain and burning, numb legs. Sometimes there is a feeling of coldness or Vice versa bakes the foot or the entire leg. Usually develops over several years, sometimes there are cases of the rapid development of numbness of feet in diabetes, for several months.

the causes of. As a result of impaired blood supply, damage to nerve endings and fibres, deterioration in the transmission of nerve impulses, a decrease of sensitivity and deterioration in the ability to regenerate and heal.

the Effects of numbness of feet in diabetes mellitus. When diabetic neuropathy is very bad heal all wounds (impaired functionality of many organs, "diabetic foot", amputation). Gradually may develop polyneuropathy, when the foci of the disease are multiple and all over the body. And it may lead to loss of coordination and even paralysis.

the Treatment. Only with early treatment the chances of salvation of the nerve endings and functionality of the entire nervous system. All efforts are directed towards treating the underlying disease (diabetes), recovery of damaged nerves and the flow of nerve impulses.

When treating of the causes of numbness toes diabetes therapy aimed at normalizing glucose levels, excretion of toxic substances from the body, the normalization of the power for mineral and vitamin composition.

In the treatment of symptoms of introduced complexes of b vitamins, is the anesthesia of the limbs, used anticonvulsant and antidepressant drugs, also necessary stimulation of nerve endings (transcutaneous electrical stimulation - TASN).

numbness of feet in diabetes mellitusAt all stages of neuropathy mandatory physiotherapy, balneotherapy baths, treatment exercise, massage and other treatments.

Prevention. At the first sign of diabetes the patient should carefully monitor their health. Constantly check blood sugar levels. If diabetes numb feet, it is necessary to do a special set of exercises.

And when there are symptoms of impaired activity of nerve endings, it is important to check daily the condition of the skin and in case of any damage immediately treat wounds, cracked heels, otherwise it could turn into a huge issue, even the loss of limbs! Due to the decrease in sensitivity, the patient pays no attention to injuries, and due to the high blood sugar he almost never heal themselves. And all this leads to huge wounds and ulcers resulting from small wounds. Therefore any, even the most inconspicuous cracks need to be processed in a gentle antiseptic (solution furatsilina, miramistina, etc.) until healing is complete. Special attention should be paid to the quality, convenience and safety footwear patient with diabetes mellitus. Special orthopedic shoes is one of the best ways of prevention tools from VTS (diabetic foot syndrome).