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blood sugar levelsThere are several ways to determine the value of sugar: 1) to donate blood from a vein, 2) a fence of fingers, without load and with load, and 3) glycosylated hemoglobin.

with a Subjective indicator of the deviation of the norm of sugar will be the appearance of an unquenchable thirst, constant dry mouth, frequent urination, fatigue, itching skin, weakness and the occurrence of boils. Each of these symptoms individually is not what it says, but it makes one think about whether health, but a combination of several symptoms are already clearly shows that average sugar and does not smell. Not to speculate on the performance of glucose, contact the clinic or private institution, and give blood for analysis.

Almost half of people with diabetes, symptoms may be absent completely. Therefore, people who are at risk (over 40 years), I advise to be surveyed in the preventive purposes at least 1 time/ 3 years. And in case weight exceeds normal or have genetic lines have diabetics, it is better to do more frequently, i.e. annually. Such action allows you to detect the deviation from the norm and not to run the disease.

the rent of Blood from a fingertip on an empty stomach in the morning. Normal level of glucose should not exceed 5.5 mmol/l. If the norm is overestimated slightly (to 6.0), this condition is called prediabetes. readings of blood sugar Receiving the result of 6.1 above, should be worried, since they have similar blood values clearly indicate diabetes. But there are some factors that trigger false indicators of sugar. For example, strong emotions, blood from the vein, eating immediately prior to tests and medications.

Many diabetics, not wanting to stand in line at the clinic for control tests buy glucose meters. Others do not trust the performance of blood glucose meters, preferring to yield to prick their fingers professionals. But, in many centres, the results are judged by the same meter or another method of Express-analysis. Therefore, if the result of proximate analysis in blood revealed normal pokazne sugar, it is recommended to retake the tests in the laboratory by passing the venous blood to obtain accurate values. You can take advantage of the breakdown of a sugar load. This measurement is done on an empty stomach. Drink about 75g of glucose syrup, and in two hours repeat the measurements. Increase sugar to 7.8 mmol/l will meet the normal, 11,1 - diabetes, and the interval - prediabetes state.