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glucose pregnancyPregnancy is a pleasant period in a woman's life, but very responsible, so to monitor blood sugar regularly, especially those ladies who have a tendency to increase glucose. Do not think that now it will have to give. It is needed by the body for energy. It is known that while the baby is growing in mom's body, her internal organs are experiencing the additional load. The pancreas has to take care of two and to produce more insulin, but it cannot cope with the task. Therefore it is so important to take the doctor-gynecologist tests, including the glucose content in the blood of the expectant mother. That he will tell you about the state of health, as pregnant woman and the fetus.

even If before the pregnancy tests never showed any abnormalities, while carrying the baby, the rate of sugar in the blood while carrying a baby becomes a little different. It is sometimes increased. Do not cause fear indicators in the area of 3.8 - 5.6 mmol/l. These figures are in the morning, before the woman had Breakfast. However, after the first meal of glucose in the blood of many pregnant women is increased and can reach the target of 6.7 mmol/L. Associated this fact with the fact that production by the pancreas its main hormone is insulin, decreases slightly and the mother and child it is not enough. So in the body of a pregnant reserve of sugar, which, undoubtedly, will be reflected in the analyses. This condition leads to the development of women in situation of gestational diabetes. This disease is temporary and it disappears after birth, when glucose dpryde again to normal.

Low blood sugar is also dangerous for pregnant. Then the indicator of the meter can be lowered to the limit of 2.7 mmoll. In those days, felt, first and foremost, headache, weakness. First aid in such cases is more high-calorie food.


All information about Sahara from analyses

About how he feels the expectant mother can get from tests. The most common is a blood test for the exact content of sugar. These readings are very important for normal pregnancy. If the blood sugar level in a pregnant woman in the blood slightly elevated, diet appointed and re-analysis. His doctor recommends in the second half of pregnancy approximately 30 to 31 week of gestation. However, if the level of glucose in pregnancy is alarming and the sugar reaches 8,0 -8,2 Mall, the endocrinologist will be asked to do some blood tests.

sugar in the blood of pregnant womenWomen, who are in group of risk of diabetes, your doctor watching the pregnant, the test for tolerance to glucose. Give the expectant mother to drink a solution of glucose (50g per 1l of water) and an hour later blood is taken for research. Is considered to be a threatening figure if the sugar level increased to 7.8 mmol/l Then it is recommended to take another test. This three-hour test, when the body receives 100g of glucose. Provocation of the disease is, if the numbers are above 10 mmol/l (after 1 hour), at least 9 mmol/l (after 2 hours). And the last measurement is done in 3 hours. The pregnant blood test shows a glucose level of not less than 8,1 mmol/l - this is the beginning of diabetes that should be treated or before the end of childbirth, to recommend for women diet.

don't forget all 9 months to think not only about the future of his heir, but to follow the norm of sugar in your blood pregnant. On this depends the happiness of the whole family. Only a healthy mother, who followed all the doctor's recommendations, can be born charming baby with good health.