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news type 1 diabetesToday it is almost impossible to find someone who doesn't know the word "diabetes". In our country, more than 2.5 million people suffer with this disease and, according to some estimates, about 6 million have an increased level of glucose in the blood, however, for one reason or another do not seek medical help. But science does not stand still and in the news frequently reports about the latest achievements in the fight against this disease.

In recent years in the treatment of diabetes type 1 is increasingly used intensified insulin therapy, which is the artificial simulation of normal insulin secretion. It is achieved by using multiple injections and allows much faster to achieve the maximum possible when the disease of carbohydrate metabolism compensation.


news type 1 diabetes - insulin pump

One of the latest news in the field of treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1 is an insulin pump. This is the most perfect and convenient method for the introduction of lifesaving insulin. This device is intended for continuous administration of insulin. In this case, insulin is injected not injected, and is supplied to the human body by means of a special catheter, which is set subcutaneously and connected to the tank, as well as with memory block. The memory block contains information about the required amount of insulin. Such a device is programmed by the attending physician.


news of the diabetes treatment - new methods

Another news in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, this time in the field of research. Recently, a unique method of treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1, was developed and presented by scientists from the Medical College of Baylor. Their research in this area has demonstrated a large percentage of efficiency in experimental treatment of mice in a new way. The latest therapeutic scheme, primarily aimed at combating the shortage of beta cells of the pancreas, and secretion of cells of the immune system auto-antibodies that damage the beta cells. Scientists proposed a new genetic vaccine comprises 3 genes. Development, presented at the Annual meeting of the Society for Endocrinology, gives hope of a cure from the dreaded disease for millions of people worldwide suffering from diabetes first type.

According to the study of type 1 diabetes, the news of which was published in the spring 2012 the magazine "NatureGenetics" conducted by scientists at Columbia University, cells of the intestine of patients with diabetes of the first type may be involved in the process of active production of insulin. Thus, there is no need to transplant such patients stem cells. To date, some researchers in this area argued that stem cell transplantation is the best treatment for patients suffering from diabetes of the first type from the constant injections of insulin.