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non-invasive blood glucose meter

inovativni glucometerAll patients with diabetes know that in order to prevent complications of the disease (Hypo - and hyperglycemic coma) requires constant monitoring of glucose level in the blood. Current glucometers greatly facilitate the life of patients, but have one main drawback is the necessity of piercing the skin for blood sampling. Currently, the scientists reported good news - they found a way to determine the level of glucose in a non-invasive way. Blood glucose meters in the new type will be applied an optical technique that uses the penetrating power of the beam.

the Device will look like in the form of clip-on earrings attached to the earlobe. One side will be fed a light beam, and the other will be shot. With the optical system the light beam will reach the receiver, where the processing of information, which will then determine a quantitative level of glucose in the blood. The instrument outputs data for five minutes and has minimal error (less than 5 percent).

among other things, more good news, a non-invasive glucometer would have the advantage in monetary terms, due to the absence of consumables when using the device.


news in treatment of diabetes mellitus

Liraglutide - a new drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

liraglutideAs you know, since the 20s of the last century, diabetes mellitus was treated with insulin, today American scientists announced the news that the pharmacological action of the drug "liraglutide" as effectively as the action of insulin. Liraglutide is a new analogue of glycohaemoglobin hormone. This drug allows not only to reduce the level of glucose in the blood, but also eliminates the risk factors of diseases such as obesity and hypertension. Liraglutide lowers blood pressure due to the systolic component, and fat metabolism is normalized due to the increase in the level of lipoprotein (HDL) and decrease triglycerides.

the Results showed that patients using liraglutide, better control of diabetes of the first type compared with other similar drugs, and also greatly reduce the weight. News: liraglutide can be used in diabetes mellitus, first and second type, can also be used as monotherapy and in combination with insulin. Studies have also shown that the new drug is effective as a preventive measure against acquired diabetes mellitus.