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Despite the tremendous development of medicine in many areas and success in the treatment of recently hopeless diseases, diabetes mellitus poses a threat still. According to who, more than 346 million people suffer from this disease and this number is constantly growing. The strength of leading experts in the world are thrown on search of new methods of dealing with diabetes.

However, even today they are not with the cure of the disease, and maintaining a normal quality of life and its renewal.

the Results of many research groups of this trend are new drugs that are able to adjust the condition of patients with diabetes mellitus. One of these drugs is ecstatic, representing the analogue of like peptide. It belongs to incretin, which among other functions regulate the activity of ?-cells of the pancreas. Unlike insulin, ecstatic not dose-dependent, can lead to ghypoglycemia. Inserted injection.

the Next promising drug that appeared relatively recently is sitagliptin. It belongs to the class of inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV. The action is to increase the activity of the like peptide and its analogues. There are also other medication that have found application due to their efficiency.

Finding alternative ways and methods of delivery of insulin in the body is another promising direction in the treatment of diabetes. The vast majority of cases, insulin is injected into the body injection, which is related with some features of its structure and aggressive environments of the body. Thanks to numerous studies in this area have been found the methods inhalation route of administration. Delivery is made using a special inhaler that sprays fine particles of insulin. Then the material is deposited in the lungs and from there into the blood system. The main advantage of this method is overcoming the fear of "needles", a quick and secure way of introduction. There are of course cons: inaccurate dosing, inability to use in smokers and people with diseases of the lungs, coughing as a side effect.

bracelet for sugar controlis Important to monitor the level of glucose in the blood. This is achieved in patients with diabetes mellitus using new systems that monitor sugar in the subcutaneous tissue, for example, CGMS, as well as in interstitial fluid using bangles.

Probably one of the most promising methods is the transplantation of cultures of pancreatic cells. However, this involves one main issue - the need for constant immunosuppression. In this case, the probability of Contracting numerous infections that haunt you everywhere.

"Artificial β-kletka" is the perfect solution for people suffering from diabetes today. This technique is an insulin pump, which has a feedback system. Acting as a real cage, properly responding to sugar levels.