Neuropathy in diabetes mellitus

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Neuropathy in diabetes mellitusIn the course of diabetes mellitus there may be some complications and associated diseases, among which neuropathy is widespread. This disease is caused by disorders of nervous system of patient. The disease brings nerve entrapment of patient’s spine and cerebrum.

There are few types of this disease, depending on groups of affected neurons. There are sensor, with anterior horn cells affected, causing motion disorders, and motor neuropathy, with affection of spinal fibrils.

Diabetic neuropathy is, in the first turn, the result of hyperglycosemia, showing the increasing level of blood glucose. It is accompanied with motor and sensor disorders over whole human body. Such patient's condition is characterized with appearance of parenthesis, when some parts of human body grow numb as well as there is a syndrome of getting the creeps.

In case of diabetic neuropathy, the patients may suffer from acute pain in feet and they feel cold in spite of them being warm by touch. If the treatment is absent, painful sensations may go away in a few years, but that is due to mortification of nerve filaments. Sensitivity disorders always lead to sensor ataxy - hypotaxia and difficulty in movements.

Absence of sensitivity also leads to feet traumas, which may stay unnoticed by the patient, but they get infected quickly. Due to that, cerebrovascular disease may appear, which is the main cause of cerebral crisis.

The sign of neuropathy in case of diabetes mellitus may be a slow adaptation of sight when the patient goes from one room into another, where the light is different. Patients with this disease have poor eyesight in twilight as the result of complication is the sharp decrease of sight.

Neuropathy affects the bowels of patient causing retention of feces or diarrhoea, but such symptoms are very rare.

Treatment of diabetic neuropathy should be targeted to decreasing the blood sugar level and keeping it normal. Besides, patient should have full physical and medical examination for finding possible complications of presence of this disease.