Nausea in diabetes

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nausea in diabetes mellitusdespite the fact that diabetes is one of the very serious diseases, one of its important symptoms - nausea, many do not take seriously. This condition used to be attributed to General malaise, food poisoning, etc. With nausea should force the person to think about the condition. You need to remember that different unusual changes in the body, not only nausea, but also a sharp increase in appetite, dry mouth, drink plenty of fluids - this is the beginning signs of diabetes.


just in time to see the beginning ketoatsidoticheskaya coma?

this will also help you the symptom of a condition such as nausea. Such a manifestation of extreme deterioration of health in patients with diabetes mellitus, as ketoatsidoticheskaya coma, unlike conventional does not occur abruptly. It develops within 1 to 3 days. So one can see the beginning of the deterioration of his health.

Initially, a person feels lack of energy, weakness spreading throughout the body. Then to these unpleasant sensations join severe headaches and nausea, which in the end may end up vomiting. Then begin the unpleasant sensations of abdominal pain. Last comes a change of breath. Instead, there is the smell of rotten apples (acetone).

For those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, careful monitoring of the changes in health needs.

with such precautions the person has the ability to prevent the development of severe complications. It appears time in order to prevent the deterioration of health, seek specialized help, to go to the hospital.


How to track changes in their condition?

Most people does not notice what amount of food he ate or drank water during the day. But if you are diagnosed with diabetes, be sure to pay attention to it. It is best to start maintain a personal diary. It should indicate how much you ate and drank during the day, at what time. Also here you should record the slightest indisposition.

it Should be remembered that the arbitrary refusal of insulin leads to the development of complications in diabetes mellitus. However, many of them incompatible with life, even with timely medical care. Only if the person carefully monitors his state of health, monitors the appearance of symptoms (such as nausea), it is possible to speak about the effective treatment and maintenance of a practically normal lifestyle.