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mustard diabetesdiabetes mellitus - the disease is undoubtedly serious, but, thanks to modern methods of treatment, patients are not doomed all his life to spend in the endless procedures, and can lead life the same as healthy people. They can bear children, actively to work, to relax, to do sports and to travel. Of course, you need time to take medications and regularly monitor the performance of glucose level.

you can Often hear the assertion that diabetes is strictly contraindicated spicy foods such as mustard, horseradish and pepper. Is this true?

In fact, diabetes is to eat this spicy seasoning in small amounts is possible and even very useful. Practically no carbohydrates, it is used in very moderate amounts and blood sugar levels to increase.

And in folk medicine it has long and very successfully used for the treatment of diabetes.

One of the most well-known methods: within a month daily take three times a day on a tea spoon of mustard seeds. Then of course do a blood test, the result will please you. In addition, its seeds enhance the secretion of bile, promote digestion, help relieve constipation.

Also, patients with diabetes is very useful to use the cake from the leaves of bitter herbs. You can alternate herbs: mustard, dandelion, wormwood, zheltushnik gray, yarrow, water pepper, chicory, poplar, Sophora japonica and barred Warbler. We need to consume little by little, in any case not more than 3 tablespoons a day.

Very effective remedy is tea made from bitter herbs. To prepare a tablespoon of herb (mustard, chicory, water pepper or other herbs) put in a thermos, add a pint of hot (70-80 В° f) water. Tea insist half an hour and drink half a Cup half an hour after meals.

For patients with diabetes to stimulate the pancreas, the meal should be accompanied by the eating of bitter herbs.

primarily, It is the spice that helps spicing up the most tasteless dish. A bit of mustard added to diet soup will make it taste better and more aromatic mustard sauce will decorate the taste of boiled meat, and the young leaves are very good in vegetable salad. Abuse this herb to patients with diabetes, but should not be abused and to healthy people.

And if you have no contraindications, a small amount of this spices in food will be very good for health.