Is it possible to use mushrooms in diabetes mellitus, treatment with chaga

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Mushrooms have more positive characteristics than disadvantages, which can affect the human body. But this applies to a healthy body. All types of mushrooms can be consumed in diabetes?


the Use of mushrooms in diabetes

Mushrooms in diabetes mellitusRegular consumption of mushrooms in food positive effect on life expectancy, increases the resistance of our body to diabetes. These properties are determined by the content in the mushrooms of lecithin which prevents deposition in the blood vessels of cholesterol.

But when the disease diabetes from a huge variety recommended three types of mushrooms and dishes made from them. The first is the mushrooms, which help to strengthen, increase its immunity and are indispensable in the treatment of diabetes. The other two mushroom - ginger and honey fungus contain substances which inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. But mushrooms are most effective in early stages of the disease.

If you have diabetes (even with insulin form) it is recommended to eat no more than 100 grams of mushrooms (in pure form) per week. But in any case, the use of fungi in food should be agreed with the doctor.

There are medications, based on mycelium. Based on another mushroom - shiitake (shiitake) - developed several drugs that lower sugar. The mushroom can be eaten, and in pure form (sold in dried form) - it lowers sugar about 1-2 units a month, and with regular use maintains sugar at the same level.


Treatment of diabetes with chaga mushrooms

Chaga diabetesScience is suspicious of traditional medicine, but scientific research confirms the effectiveness of drugs on the basis of fungus of fungus - they reduce the level glucose in the blood of the patient with diabetes mellitus. The level of glucose decreases in serum three hours after taking the drugs the fungus inside: the sugar level is reduced by 15 - 30% depending on the individual characteristics of each patient.

the Most popular diabetes infusion of chaga mushroom on a fairly easy recipe: one part of dry powdered chaga pour five parts of water, stirred and heated to 50°C over low heat. To the boil do not need to bring. When heated to a certain temperature the liquid remove from heat and allow to infuse for two days, drained the water, and the precipitate well-squeezed through cheesecloth.

Upon receiving the funds too thick, it is diluted with warm boiled water. Incidents keep a maximum of three days in a cool place. When you assign a course treatment bends constantly prepare fresh medium. Medication - before meals, for 30 minutes, 3 times a day for one glass. Course duration is 1 month, if necessary, repeat the course after a break of 1 month.

For the preparation infusion use only the inner part of the fungus - bark fungus does not affect the level of sugar in blood of a patient with diabetes mellitus.