Mummy in treatment of diabetes mellistus and its application

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Mummy in treatment of diabetes mellitusMummy is used in recipes of traditional medicinal . This substance has large and wide healing spectrum, while most of all it is used for weight normalization, general cleaning of and quick wound healing.

Far not all people know that mummy is effective in treatment of such serious diseases like diabetes mellitus and bronchial allergy. This substance solution consumption cuts down level of sugar contained blood and normalizes disorders of endocrine system, which may lead to complete recovery.

In the course of the treatment by using mummy not only sugar level normalization can be achieved, but also can be observed facilitation of thirst, urination and fatigue. Headaches, edemas stop and the blood pressure gets to normal.

Mummy is recommended as a preventive measure for diabetes mellitus progress in case if patient shows an inclination to it or there were cases of the disease among close relatives.

Causes of appearance diabetes are still in the unrevealed completely, but there are some guesses, which are partly confirmed with scientific researches. The most probable causes are inheritance and excessive weight. Therefore, in order to prevent appearance of this disease and stop its progress, patient should stay in full control of his or her body weight, and mummy may help in this.

To prevent diabetes mellitus it is enough to take mummy in tiny doses possible. Take 18 gr of the substance and solve it in half liter of water. Take it half an hour before the meals one spoonful three times a day for ten days in a row. The next 10 days it is necessary to increase the dose up to one and half of spoon. In case of feeling sick, one may have few more swallows of mineral water or milk .

In process of treatment of diabetes mellitus there is a special schema of intake of this substance. 4 gr of mummy must be solved in 20 spoons of boiled water. Patient should take one spoon two times a day: in the morning before eating and before going to bed, but not less than three hours after the last eating. The course is for ten days, after that ten days off and then patient can complete more courses again.

Positive effect of mummy intake is seen already in one-two months. In some distinct cases there may be an aggravation of the disease. Strict dosage is the most important condition of successful outcome, otherwise appearance of some side effects is possible.