Mulberry diabetes

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Mulberry diabetesdiabetes is very unpleasant, brings a lot of inconvenience. Diabetics need to follow diet, stick to diets, to make a special physical exercise to overcome symptoms of disease. But the main thing that can help a diabetic is foods that lower blood sugar. These include mulberry.

Mulberry is widely spread on the territory of Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Adults know her and children, sweet taste mulberry reminds us of carefree childhood. But it's not simple sweetness. White mulberry is great for those who have health problems, in particular diabetes.


Useful properties and are contained in the mulberry substances

Mulberry for diabetesthe fact that the white mulberry fruits have organic acids which in turn are a great source of vitamins and carotene. Mulberry the juice has several features that allow you to rid the body of harmful substances. The fruit can be eaten fresh, dried, as jam juice or kissel.

another Interesting fact that mulberry could be useful not only for its fruits. Her Cora, leaves and buds can also be used as a means of suppressing symptoms diabetes.

the bark of the mulberry tree is rich in tannins, flavonoids and other beneficial components that also affect the well-being of diabetics. It is dried and eaten with food.

the leaves of the white mulberry tree, and the kidneys have the same effect. They include carotenes, tannins, vitamins that allow the body using diuretics to withdraw the way of harmful substances.


Cooking, eating

the Bark, leaves, buds, and fruits can be dried and stored from one to three years. Mulberry fruit can be used during the preparation of compotes and tea. Half a Cup of mulberries two liters of boiling water. All of this must continue for half a day and after use. If desired the beverage can be sweetened with fructose or sweetener. The leaves and kidneys diabetics are recommended to use in dried form as an additive for food. And need to chop and sprinkle on top the dish. Bark in folk medicine has found its place in cooking ointments. They help the healing of wounds in diabetic patients. To prepare the tool, necessary to grind the dried bark into powder and add the vegetable oil. Amount of oil has as much to obtain the ointment. It and need to treat wounds.

White mulberry may not protect all diabetics. Its positive impact is seen in those who have diabetes type 2.