Month with diabetes, delay

Itchy vagina


Regular menstrual cycle is an essential component of women's health. Monthly represent cyclical changes in the reproductive system of every woman aimed at preparing the body for possible pregnancy. If fertilized ripened this month, the ovum does not occur, menstruation occurs.

However, diabetes disrupts the fragile hormonal balance of the female body and provokes the development of many diseases of the sexual sphere.

Statistical research has confirmed that only 50% of women of reproductive age suffering from diabetes, there is a regular ovulatory menstrual cycle.

The others fixed various abnormalities: irregular periods, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, hyperelementary. The likelihood of violations of the cycle depends on the severity of diabetes and duration of disease.

in Addition noted a direct correlation between the early appearance of the disease and the menstrual cycle: the earlier was the onset of the disease, the more significant disorders in adulthood.

at the same time it was noted that girls with diabetes month come 1-2 years later.

Women with diabetes more than 10-15 years, have a more pronounced dysfunction of the ovaries. Besides, women, who took a large dose of insulin showed a strong disruptions of the menstrual cycle (anovulatory and irregular cycles, metrorrhagia). This may indicate that diabetes is the cause of reproductive dysfunction.

The ailing women with already 25 years of age begins the extinction of the reproductive function (the cycle becomes increasingly irregular and anovulatory cycles predominate). The researchers correlated this with premature deterioration of the body in response to many stressful situations associated with insulin deficiency.

The same statistical data confirm that insulin in diabetes restores menstrual cycle with dysmenorrhoea in the past six months. This means that if the optimum compensated diabetes insulin doses, menstruation is approaching the regular, which is very important for teenagers during puberty and women planning pregnancy. In addition, during menstruation in women is an increased need for insulin, so the insulin dose must be adjusted according to individual needs.

the Development of various problems with menstruation in patients with diabetes mellitus means that you can plan the pregnancy and the birth of children is possible as early as possible. At the same time the risk of such deviations is the basis for regular examinations and checkups at the gynecologist for timely treatment.