Control (monitoring) blood sugar (glucose) in the blood

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control blood sugarIf, for unknown reasons, the level of sugar in the blood for a long time remains at a high level, expect serious health complications. The content of a large proportion of sugar changes the consistency of blood. The blood thickens. As a result, its normal patency in small vessels, is being questioned. Eventually, the body experiences a powerful stress, then the lesion of certain internal organs, destruction of the nervous system and finally death.

hoping to protect yourself from such problems, requires control of the amount of blood sugar. If indicators of glucose considerably exceed the norm, we need to normalize.

Control the level of glucose in the blood is real, and quite simple means. The most affordable way is a competent and balanced diet. First of all, you need to know what foods can cause increase in sugar, and not to use them. For example, products containing a lot of starch (potatoes, rice). Eat, is able to normalize and stabilize his body. This legumes, pasta, nuts, and greens. Less fatty foods and flour baking, including biscuits, crackers.

Doctors give helpful recommendations, under which you can successfully control the blood sugar level, and not worry about the quality of their lives.

What is required from you?

  1. Include in your menu cinnamon (half spoon/ daily). Cinnamon enhances the susceptibility of cells to take insulin. So the cells will be able to convert sugar into energy.
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  3. Improve your metabolism at the expense of sardines, salmon and mackerel.
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  5. If you love chocolate, then eat only the black.
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  7. lots of onions, green vegetables, tomatoes, berries and apples. So you reduce the possibility of diabetes by 20%.
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  9. Every day eat not less than 40 g fiber.

sugar controlbe Sure to observe the regime of power. A certain time meal, to help to reduce it. For example, in any time, it is not recommended to keep yourself from Breakfast. The fact that the level of glucose during your sleep decreases, and your body needs to replenish these losses. But if this is not done, memory will start to regress, and any information you will perceive.

To ensure that controls are carried out regularly, measurements are carried out by a special device - glucose meter. Monitoring should be implemented systematically, but it depends on the type of diabetes of the sick person. About it your doctor will certainly notify you.

For tireless monitoring of blood sugar there is another, cheaper method - the test strips. The patient's blood applied to the strip and the indicators can be compared with the standard scale specified on the package or use the meter by inserting the test strip into it.