Mineral water in diabetes mellitus

Mineral Water
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Mineral water in diabetes mellitusIn order for normal functioning of body daily use of liquid – water is mandatory. What to do if you have diabetes? Can patients drink mineral water, and if it is allowed what kinds can be consumed? They can have different structure, and consequently, different influence on the human body.

If patient will constantly use mineral water he can achieve normalization of insulin activity of the blood, because mineral water contains following substances:

Along with these, the improvement in glucose metabolism in the tissues of organism can be noticed in case of a patient that suffers from presence of diabetes mellitus. But the main thing is that adenosine triphosphate is formed in increased amounts, which means that the body gets more energy.

What brand of mineral water are preferred

There is a number of brands of mineral water, that can be consumed in case of presence of diabetes mellitus :

Unfortunately, if during the Soviet era, they were all available to the consumer, right now their price can be high. And that's not to mention the fact to go to the source and treatment of natural water, not bottled.

Even if a patient with diabetes have the opportunity to purchase the required number of mineral water, he cannot include it in daily menu by itself and start self-treatment. Remember that this is not a dining room and it is healing water. It should be treated the same way as it does to drugs. Quantity and timetable of consumption of mineral water should be prescribed by personal doctor.

There are two parameters on which should be paid attention. The first of them is the water temperature. Even in summer, it must not be cold, as a rule, it should have about 30 degrees.

Depending on the secretory function of the stomach, is a time when you need to drink water. This can be 15 minutes, and half an hour. The exact time may be appointed by doctor. Even if you have passed a course of treatment by mineral water in diabetes patient cannot use a previously scheduled timetable of water consumption and indications about its amount and so on. Otherwise it can dramatically change patient’s health and instead of an alleged fight with diabetes, the situation can turn in opposite direction and became worsen. Remember that whatever forms of drugs are consumed by you, they will never become a normal drinking water or candies.