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determination of glucosedetermine the amount of glucose in the blood is one of those surveys that are conducted repeatedly. Such a large number of analyses, shows the great development of the disease - diabetes. Analysis to determine the level of blood sugar, usually carried out in clinics or private medical clinics. But lately gained popularity and homemade methods for the determination of glucose by means of special devices.

Someone asked why diabetics slovenly conduct these tests with such regularity? The fact is that to track sugar is an important component of the treatment. Having no idea about the amount of sugar in the blood, it will be difficult to receive proper and effective treatment, to amend the food and adjust the intensity of their physical activity.

because of its relevance, the analysis on amount of glucose, and have developed methods of determining, including various devices and instruments. Modern medicine has several methods capable of determining sugar. Some of them are practical ceases to be used because they are neatsimenu, it is highly toxic and difficult to use. Enzymatic methods such as glucose oxydase, most often by doctors and used for research.

Over time, medicine has stepped forward and has developed an additional method is a special reflective devices - glucometers and test strips for diagnosis in humans of glucose in the blood. These methods are accurate indicators and fairly easy to use. They save time and help take timely emergency measures.

the Task of meter - instantly and accurately determine the volume of glucose in human blood. Test strips can indicate the sugar level without the help of blood glucose meters are only required to compare the intensity of their color with the color on the packaging. In order for this method of testing became possible, on their hydrophilic membrane is applied chemicals and enzymes that enable to perform testing. The strip is similar to a sponge with pores, which have their own problems:


in addition, the diaphragm strip has the property of hydrophilic. This means that pricking her finger, a drop of blood instantly is attracted by the surface of the test strip.

Thanks to such methods medicine has all possibilities quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, efficiently to perform their medical functions.