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Memo to the patient with diabetes mellitusAnyone who lives with such disease as diabetes, you should understand that this diagnosis does not mean that life is impossible. Many people reach in life, suffered from diabetes, but this did not prevent them to become famous and successful. But in order to effectively control the state of his body, every diabetic will need to make a memo. It should include reminders about what actions should be taken by the diabetic in each case. Also, a memo can contain other useful patient information - such as a list of permitted and prohibited foods, recommendations for routine and instructions in case of emergency.


Checklist for proper diet

In most cases the mainstay of treatment of diabetes is proper nutrition. Therefore, the diabetes patient checklist must contain clear instructions about exactly what products should be excluded from the diet. Also needed is a list of foods, the use of which needs to be limited. Reminder needed for the patient in the first place, because for diabetics, it is extremely important to follow the proper mode of the day. All daily actions and procedures should be performed at a certain time. This applies to lifting in the morning, eating and medications, the introduction insulin work. It is also desirable that the instruction of the diabetic patient contain information about valid physical exercise, as diabetes allowed classes not only strength sports.


Reminder when gipoglikemii

diabetic alertFor timely warning of gipoglikemii necessary list of actions to be avoided. This applies to the use of alcoholic beverages, the introduction of too high dose of insulin, excessive physical activity. The memo must indicate what actions should be taken in the event of gipoglikemicheskih States.


important reminders for diseases

For the prevention of complications, such as diseases liver, kidney, view and nervous system, the memo should include recommendations for those patients in whom a family has children. To avoid the risk of diabetes in the child, you need to follow the guidelines on supervision by doctors. People at risk should adopt guidelines for diabetes patients, so that timely detection of this disease will help to prevent complications.