Melon in diabetes



melon in diabetesrather unpleasant and uncomfortable disease such as diabetes mellitus, which is accompanied not only by a thirst, changes in weight and metabolic disorders. Patients for diabetes should follow diets that exclude many products power. And often the question arises, what is useful and what is not. In this article we take a look at how good melon in diabetes.

Everyone knows this aromatic fruit, sunny and sweet, it does not pass by itself all who had once, but tried. Composition melon has a high potassium level of about 2% iron and 16% sugar. It also includes vitamin C, carotene, folic acid, pectin. Despite all this, not only patients with diabetes, but also a healthy person should eat it after eating about two hours later. And it is at lunch time, long before sleep.

But for people suffering from diabetes, it is not advisable to consume in large quantities. One hundred grams of melon - a 1 bread unit. If you follow the weight, consider this nuance. Indeed, one bread unit raises blood sugar about 2 mmol/l. The positive side of the fruit is that it contains mostly fructose, which is easily absorbed by the body.

With the help of a melon can cleanse the body. It acts as a diuretic, which allows to take any harmful substances. The same effect is produced and seeds. Even eating a melon can cure colds, get rid of stress and support the work of vascular circulatory system.

Experts do not recommend to abuse melon not only for healthy people, but also with diabetes. It contains carbohydrates and fiber, so the stomach you need a lot of effort to cope with this product. So that the body received from her the best and useful, it is not necessary to drink even water. And do not forget about the main thing - all you need to know in a measure, then to not complicate the situation.