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Drugs reducing the level of sugar in the bloodIf the first type of diabetes patients to reduce blood glucose using insulin injections, patients with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus of the second type shows very different drugs. Because in this disease the organism itself most often in sufficient quantity to produce insulin (although sometimes Vice versa). Produced but the hormone is not able to deliver glucose into the cell (it is not sensitive to it) and to monitor the concentration of sugar in the bloodstream, preventing the deviation of glucose from the norm in the direction of increase or decrease.

Therefore, patients with type II diabetes besides diet and daily exercise prescribed drug therapy, allows you to control the level of sugar in the blood. Pharmaceutical companies supply to the world market of medicines sufficient number of drugs that can correct the flaw in the metabolism of the body.


drugs and pills with diabetes

Pills and medications that control the level of sugar in blood are divided into several groups, differing from each other in chemical composition, and therefore the principle steps:

the First group is called sulfanilmocevina. These tablets effectively reduce blood sugar, have a triple action:


If the first drugs in this group rarely given to patients with elevated levels of glucose in the blood because of their short term actions. The new generation tablet (Maninil, Amaryl, Minidiab and others), capable of stabilizing the rate of glucose from 12 to 24 hours, have become popular in drug therapy of diabetes. Because the effect of their use is several tens of times greater than the original, reducing the daily dose, reducing possible side effects from the medication: a sharp decline in the level of glucose in the bloodstream, hypoglycemia, weight gain due to increased appetite, gastrointestinal disorders and allergic reactions.

Drugs meglitinide (Starlix and Novonorm) as well as sulfanilmocevina reduce the level of glucose in the bloodstream by increasing the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas. This class are dependent insulinotropic, since only an increased rate of sugar in the blood allows the tablets to release the hormone insulin, in contrast to the first group can not provoke a sharp decrease of its level .

On the same principle function drugs inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-IV), in addition to increasing the pancreas production of insulin at a high rate these drugs start to reduce glucose production by the liver, acting on the body. These pills, normalizing the level of glucose in the bloodstream, do not cause an increase body mass.

another group of antidiabetic drugs that reduce the level of sugar in blood, include biguanides - Ciofora, Hexane, Glucophage, Metformin. These pills do not affect the pancreas, causing it to increase insulin production, which leads to loss of appetite. Doctors really appreciate this therapeutic effect, because diabetes is often accompanied by overweight patients.

the Drugs - biguanides help the insulin to put glucose into cells, especially into muscle cells, thereby disposing of its surpluses and lowering sugar.

Despite a number of positive properties, are prescribed these medicines by doctors with great care to patients with elevated levels of glucose in the blood. This happens due to many side effects and contraindications in the use of drugs belonging to this class.

To the new second-generation drugs include antidiabetic pills combined type, which combine two drugs. For example Glucovance combines in its structure Metformin and sulfanilmocevina.