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the History of diseases such as diabetes type 1 begins in ancient times. The word "diabetes" was introduced in a 100-year Roman physician Areteus. In Greek it means "after", and "diabetes mellitus" means "dripping with sugar" or "sugar losing".


History discoveries in the treatment of disease diabetes type 1

case history diabetes mellitus type 1In the 18th century English physician Dobson has been proven that the romantic rogue of urine depends on the presence of sugar. Since then, diabetes was called sugar. Thanks to this approval patients with diabetes, doctors began to prescribe the strictest diet. In 1796 one of the methods of treatment of this disease have become physical exertion. Paul Langerhans in 1889 in the pancreas discovered clusters of cells, which gave the name "Islands". The role of these "Islands" for the life of the human body, the scientist couldn't define. This could make the best and Butting in 1921. They obtained from the pancreas of insulin, which managed to compensate for diabetes mellitus in dogs. Later these Islands were named after Langerhans. In 1922 insulin was first used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes in humans. In 1926 was received insulin crystal form. Familiar to all of us, the term "insulin" has been introduced by the German scientist Meyer. In 50-ies of the last century, there were medicines in the form of tablets, which began to lower the blood sugar of diabetics.

1960 the year was significant in the history of diabetes. This year was established the chemical structure of human insulin. And its complete synthesis carried out in 1979. This was achieved using the method of genetic engineering. Almost two hundred years it took scientists to explain the role of the "islets" of the pancreas, which was found by French scientist Paul Langerhans. It turned out that these "Islands" secrete insulin. His counterpart began to apply for compensation for this serious illness. In 1981 began a new stage in the history of the disease. Portuguese doctors called diabetes type 1 particular style and way of life. It became clear that a diabetic patient can afford to help overcome this terrible illness. To do this, he needs help to acquire a solid knowledge about the disease. Around the world have started to create a "diabetes Schools", which teach diabetics to lead a new lifestyle. First such school appeared in 1981.

Actually, the twentieth century will forever back the statement that the disease diabetes mellitus is essentially his death sentence. Millions of lives all over the world got a chance to exist.