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Basic information, principles of operation

Measuring blood sugarGlucometer is a device for measuring blood glucose. Measuring glucose level blood using glucometer is virtually painless, so do not be afraid of this procedure. If you don't know how to properly use a glucometer, you will help this article.

a Device for measuring glucose, cholesterol is necessary for those who struggle every day to monitor these indicators.


To use the meter you will need:

sterile lancets;
- stick to pierce;
- test strips reacting to the blood.

Lancets may differ in length and are respectively of the age. Lancing children's skin are more delicate lancets. Lancets can be used repeatedly up to 15 times if they are designed for multi-use.



the Measurement of glucose in blood is quite an important process, so complete sterility. Lancets should be stored in specially designated for them the cap, to prevent the possibility of infection.


Measurement of glucose levels. Ways.


Traditional measurement of blood glucose

Typically, the measurement of glucose level in the blood is due to the piercing using the Lancet of the finger and place a drop of blood on a special test strip. Thereafter, the test strip is placed in a device for measuring glucose, which shows the result of sugar level in your blood.


Devices for measurement of glucose, cholesterol, using other places of the body for testing

Measuring blood sugarnewer models of blood glucose meters provide the ability to take a blood sample not only from the fingertip but from the hip, forearm, base of the thumb and shoulder. It should be noted that the results of the blood test, which is taken from other body sites may differ from the results of the analysis of blood from the fingertip, so as to more quickly respond to changes in the level of blood glucose in the fingertips.


How to properly use a blood glucose meter?

1. The surface on which you will conduct a blood test, should be clean, so prepare the table in advance.
2. Thoroughly with soap wash your hands, dry carefully with a towel.
3. Some times you have to shake the hand of the finger which you are going to take a blood test.
4. One test strip to be inserted into the hole of the meter. Wait until you hear a characteristic click. When performing this action, the meter should start automatically.
5. On the handle for piercing you need to insert the Lancet. A lot of pressure on the pen, puncture the skin of a finger so that a drop of blood.
6. A drop of blood placed on a test strip. After a few seconds on the display the instrument will display numbers that indicate the level of glucose in the blood. The unit of measurement of blood glucose, mol/L. after Receiving the result, the used test strip should be discarded.


What are blood glucose meters?

today, several companies offer blood glucose: Accu chek, weuag HealthCare, Onetouch, Finetest roche.

All the proposed devices are divided into electrochemical and photometric. The first issue is the result of the analysis due to the amount of current that arises in the interaction contained in the blood glucose with special substances, which are located on the test strip.

as for the photometric glucometers, their result required a special test areas. Change the color of those areas gives a signal about the excess of glucose in the blood. This staining occurs at the moment of communication between components residing on the test strip, glucose.

If you are not sure that you know how to properly use a blood glucose meter, please refer to the instructions or technician for help. It is important that you be sure that you are doing, and get the correct data.


How to choose a device for measuring glucose level?

unlike parameters, which are constant for each meter (such as units of measure of blood glucose), there are parameters that distinguish one device from another, and that they should look for when choosing a blood glucose meter:

- dimensions (very important setting if you have during the day to change the location and the meter might need you at any time);
- speed;
- cost (the prices on blood glucose meters vary and this often depends on the manufacturer. Take your time, compare several models of different companies before you make your choice);
- the amount of information that can remember the device.


Important characteristics

in Addition to the above parameters, also important are the following characteristics:

is the error in the analysis.
- the complexity of use of the device (check will be longer if the device is more complex);
- quality constituent materials, the size of the figures and screen (very important option for those who suffer from poor eyesight);
- if the human eye is so weak that even large numbers he can handle with difficulty, it is best to choose a glucometer with voice alerts.