Measurement of blood sugar, glucose levels

In man
In urine - glycosuria


Measurement of blood sugar level In diabetes doctors tend to achieve a normal amount of glucose in patient’s blood. Feature of this disease is that the difference of sugar levels in the range of 4-10 mmol /L is not visible to the subjective patient’s assessment of well-being, but same time it can lead to the gradual development of complications. To have an idea about the correctness of the chosen method of treatment constant testing of level of sugar in the blood is required from patient.

For young patients, who are usually have first type of diabetes, glucose monitoring is recommended by certainly before meals, before sleep at night and sometimes after eating. Patients coming older age who are use drug therapy and clinical nutrition, can conduct measurements once in two or three days. The main thing is to measure sugar accounted for the different periods of the day. Those diabetics who have decided to completely change their way of life, should consult a doctor at the expense of additional control of their condition. In such purposes shall be allowed use of glucose level meters that are based on chemical analysis of blood.

To complete the test one drop of blood is needed. It is better to blood sample to be obtained by using one of the automated devices. These devices operate on the basis of a spring mechanism that allows you to take blood sample painless and heal quickly. Measurement of glucose level This is important for the systematic measurement of glucose levels. So the wounds will heal faster. There are variations of devices for blood sampling and measurement of sugar, where it is possible to set the depth of the puncture personally. Such devices are recommended for detecting of glucose levels in children.

Take measurements of sugar by glucometer or to go to the clinic it is a choice each person. Your glucometer allows you to quickly get an accurate result about amount of glucose contained in blood in home or other conditions like school, work or other. The second option is time-consuming and causes a lot of inconvenience.

Glucometer accurately measures levels of glucose contained in blood, translating the results into digital values on the screen for only a few seconds. The average time for the entries is 5 to 30 seconds, but the visiting of the clinic, and then waiting for the results of analyzes takes quite a long time.