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massage for legs and feet in diabetesunfortunately, many people do not know what diabetes. In the first place with this terrible disease affects the nerve endings and blood vessels in the legs and disturbed form of feet. The formation of "naked" half-dead nerve cells, which can lead to serious consequences. To prevent this will help massage the legs and feet.

first you need to do a cleansing footbath. Although, it is no longer hygienic, and relaxing the muscles of the procedure, which also has a positive effect on joints and ligaments. It should be noted that the water in any case should not be hot, only warm. And the whole process of diabetes mellitus must hold an average or slow pace.

Before the massage the hand, it is desirable to handle baby powder or talc (for best glide on the skin and avoiding damage). To start you need to massage the surface of the tibia, from the ankle, stroking, and then in a circular motion, gradually going to the knee joint. Then turn with both hands is stroking the muscles in the calf region (and to massage the popliteal fossa don't!), well, then they are "squeezing".

the Next step is to massage the knee joint in a circular motion in different directions. And then up front and the outer thigh from the knee almost to the groin.

Now go to the foot massage in diabetes. Slowly RUB the fingers. To do this, one hand must hold the foot and the other to massage each of the fingers: first, each phalanx is pounded rectilinear movements, and then in a spiral.

After that, begin to massage interdigital intervals, and after them his knuckles and the plantar part of the foot. Massage movements are performed from the toes towards the heel. Definitely need to grind the heel, and then use four fingers to make the tingling movement. One thumb do small circular rubbing. For the heel, you should massage the Achilles tendon, which includes the same movements as when you massage your heels. The direction from the heel to the muscles of the calf. Do not forget about the back side of the stop, which also required massage. The techniques are the same.

please Note, the massage of legs and feet in diabetics should be carried out, supine, side lying or sitting on a chair. All of the techniques (such as vibration, kneading, rubbing, stroking) are not very intensive. Great attention should be paid to major muscles and places where muscles turn into tendons and intermuscular spaces, the blood supply which is bad enough.