Marshmallows when diabetes

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Marshmallows refers to the products that cannot be used for people who have a disease like diabetes. This can be explained,Marshmallows in diabetes mellitus first of all, the fact that marshmallows, like many other products, which include candy, chocolate, cream, the jam, halva and many other causes sharp increase in the level of sugar in the blood, a person having a disease like diabetes.



Zephyr is in its content of easily digestible carbohydrates, which leads to this result. But these products, which are created by nature from 100% -s ' carbohydrates not easily digestible. These products comes up with people, who then creates them. It cleans vegetables and fruit and receives from them is pure or refined carbohydrates, which include fructose, glucose and sugar. These products are harmful for the common person, and what can we say about the person with diabetes. Especially this can be said about sugar, which is a harmful substance with such disease. And if we consider the fact that marshmallows are made of applesauce, it can be concluded that the addition of marshmallows in it is sugar that makes this product extremely harmful. And apples or other fruits it is possible to eat and people who suffer from such illness as diabetes mellitus.


marshmallow Diet for diabetesDiet marshmallows

the Exception to this rule can be made for dietary Zephyr, which is a way out of this situation. This product is characterized by a complete lack of sugar within itself, and to give a sweet taste to the sweetener it uses. For example, xylitol or sorbitol with a weight of up to 30 grams of glucose in the blood do not increase. And such substances as acredit, saccharin, aspartame, slastilin and some other generally does not affect the level of glucose can be consumed in different quantities without fear because they can harm the patient and thus the body. Also a less rapid increase in blood glucose than regular sugar, fructose causes. These sweeteners are added to various diet foods, including diet and marshmallows. These products were created specifically for such people, whose level of sugar in the blood is elevated, and they suffer from diabetes. These are the people that can't eat sugar, as it will definitely cause a strong jump in the level of glucose in the blood. And this in their state is unacceptable even in the most rare cases. But, like all of them, also want to treat yourself to this dessert.