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diabetes mellitus is a dangerous disease that can occur in a latent form. To date, scientists distinguish 6 stages in the development of diabetes. However, a genetic predisposition to developing this disease is considered as a combination of genes. The most informative considered to be markers of diabetes mellitus HLA.

Markers of diabetes mellitusAll markers of diabetes first type be divided into several groups:


Note that the scientists in the study of genetic markers noticed that they affect the softer and slower clinical course of the disease.


Value of markers of type 1 diabetes

According to scientists, the most reliable is the simultaneous study of several markers in the blood. So, for example, 3 token - 95%, 2 - 44%, while 1 - only 20%.

the detection of antibodies against decarboxylase, insulin in the peripheral blood and components β-cells of Langerhans is very important in order to determine the predisposition to the development of diabetes type I diabetes. A recent international study confirmed the need for this test for the diagnosis of the whole process.


What handles better?

Markers of diabetes mellitusthe Profile of autoantibodies primarily depends on gender and age. So, for example, IA -2 A and ICA is most common not adults and children. But GADA is found in the majority of cases, women. Thus, the predisposition to the appearance of the individual types of autoantibodies depends on genes of the HLA system. The reason is that IA -2 A, ICA and IAA are most common in people with HLA - DR 4, but GADA in people with HLA - DR 3. Thus, in practice, several types of autoantibodies are present in young patients. GADA, on the contrary, it is found in adults. As you can see, the definition of the GADA allows to detect most cases of autoimmunity in that case, if used as the only marker in the population.


Insulin therapy and markers

Many patients that the doctor has not diagnosed a type 1 diabetic, requires special insulin therapy. Each marker, IA -2 A, ICA or GADA, is a prognostic factor for initiation of insulin therapy. In most cases this happens since disease and for the past three years.

thus, autoantibodies to GAD 65 are considered to be the most specific in the issues of insulin therapy (99,4%).